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2020 Deputy Section Editor Applications


Here is our Freshers’ Fayre introduction video.

Click here to apply to become a Deputy Section Editor. Deadline Wednesday 16th September.


Issue 208, featuring 2017 print redesign

What is The Saint?

The Saint is St Andrews’ oldest and largest student publication, both in print and online. Founded in 1997, The Saint publishes a 40-page print newspaper – the only one of its kind in St Andrews – every two weeks during term time, which is given out to the students and residents of the town free of charge. Our seven sections; News, Viewpoint, Money, Events, Features, Arts & Culture and Sports, cover everything of importance to the students of St Andrews. They are in supported by our Photography, Illustration, Video and Business teams.

The Saint is a nationally recognised publication, and a recipient of accolades from the Herald Student Media Awards and SPA (Student Publication Association) awards. Most recently, we were shortlisted for the SPA’s Publication of the Year award, selected from over 90 different student publications across the UK. The Saint is St Andrews’ most established and trusted news source.

Who makes up The Saint’s team?

The Saint’s main team is made up over 50 people. From the most casual writer right up to the editor, they are all full-time students who are also studying for degrees while running the paper. This helps ensure that the paper is run by students, for students.

The editor is the person in charge of what appears in the paper, commissioning articles, controlling the vast team of contributors and scheduling each of the 10 issues per year.

They are supported by a team of deputy editors who helped to manage the paper, and section editors, who are in charge of all content, both online and in print, for their section. They are supported by deputy section editors, who act as the paper’s most regular writers.

The Saint’s business manager runs the Business team, and is responsible for securing the advertising that ensures we can print the paper.

We also have a web editor who coordinates our online team, running our social media coverage and maintaining our website, which recently underwent a major redesign.

Our paper also depends on the work of our photography, illustration, video and design teams – who help make sure the presentation of our articles, both online and in print, is maintained to the highest possible standard.

How do I get involved?

Any St Andrews student can write for The Saint. You can pitch one piece via email and then never write another article, or you can get involved as a full member of our committee and apply to become a deputy section editor – and anything in between.

During the semester, each section of the paper holds regular meetings to discuss stories. You’re always welcome to come along and hear the articles the editor is looking for or suggest ideas of your own. If you don’t know when the meeting is, just drop the relevant section editor an email.

Contact details for all sections can be found on the editorial team page. If you’re not sure who to email, just send a message to the editor.

We will also be opening applications for deputy section editors shortly after our first issue of the semester – if you’re interested in getting more deeply involved with student journalism this is where to start. Most of our senior editorial board started off in these positions.

How will joining The Saint benefit me?

If you’re looking to go into a career in media, communications or journalism (or even if you’re not!), getting involved with The Saint is excellent way to build up your CV. Nowadays, many professional journalists get their start in university papers. We think it’s the best way to prepare oneself for the market. Past students who have worked for The Saint and its predecessor paper, The Chronicle, have gone on to a variety of successful careers as journalists at respected institutions such as the BBC, Press Association, The Times and The Sunday Times and even in Downing Street, as Director of Communications for the Prime Minister.


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