Manifesto Analysis: Emily Barclay, Director of Wellbeing 

Ms Barclay provides an extensive and in depth manifesto where she outlines her primary concerns. Many of her plans are focused on the individual student experience, showcasing her personal knowledge of navigating wellbeing systems in place, and her intention to mold wellbeing in St Andrews to the wants and needs of the students. 


Accessibility is a key point in Ms Barclay’s manifesto. Many of her goals revolve around changing wellbeing systems currently in place so that students are both aware they exist, and comfortable accessing them. Her ideas to implement a compulsory module “in which the services and support available from all aspects of the University are displayed”, and feedback form for Student Services are practical ways to improve upon accessibility to wellbeing services. Ms Barclay often uses student experience to justify her accessibility goals, and while her aims are worthwhile, it is unclear which students she is referring to besides herself. 

Sexual Violence and Student Support 

Ms Barclay’s plans revolve around information and awareness when it comes to supporting those who experience sexual harassment and violence. She plans to better advertise Report and Support, as well as update the Union and Student Services websites. Ms Barclay aims to clearly outline the options available to students who have experienced sexual violence, and make available information for friends, family members, and partners. These goals are justified, and well explained. Ms Barclay does not include, however, comprehensive plans to prevent sexual violence from occurring in the first place. 


Ms Barclay does not specifically address the COVID-19 pandemic and its effects on student wellbeing in her manifesto. While many of her plans would no doubt improve upon struggles caused by the pandemic, the absence of proposals to support students through circumstances which are especially hard on wellbeing is noticeable. 


These analyses do not reflect the opinion of The Saint, but rather those of the author(s). We encourage all readers to look at the full manifestos for each candidate before voting. All information was accurate at the time of writing.