Lottie Doherty Elected Association President

Lottie Doherty has been elected as Association President in the Students’ Association Elections 2021.

Earlier this evening, it was announced that Lottie Doherty defeated her two other opponents by the Single Transferable Voting System (STV). Ms Doherty secured 1024 votes in round three, beating both Spencer Percival and Lea Weimann. Ms Doherty’s victory follows an intense week of campaigning by all three Association President candidates.

Ms Doherty said: “Thank you so much to everyone who voted, and put their trust in me. I’m really excited to be your Association President next year, and work towards a better St Andrews for everyone! Also, a massive thank you to my campaign team for all the hard work they put in over the last week, and to all the other amazing candidates who ran in this election.”

In the most contested race for the Director of Wellbeing, Anna-Ruth Cockerham won over Maisie McDavid, Trina O’Donovan, Katy Lee, and Emily Barclay.

Both the Director of Student Development and Activities and the Director of Education were uncontested, with Avery Kitchens and Leonie Malin securing their positions respectively.

In the race for Director of Events and Services between Tom Groves, Caitlin Snook, and Charles Barker, Tom Groves came out triumphant.

Jess Smith secured the position of Athletic Union President, which was also contested by Samuel Winton and Dylan Clunie.

Voter turnout was 27.97%.