Manifesto Analysis: Maisie McDavid, Director of Wellbeing 

Ms McDavid provides a well-organised, personable, and in-depth manifesto, covering a wide range of her wellbeing goals, while focusing on her key policies: Got Confidence, Sexual Violence, Support Packages, Academic and Wellbeing, COVID, Student Services, and Eco-Wellbeing.  Her manifesto displays an enthusiasm for the work, and a grasp on the wellbeing concerns of the students she hopes to represent. Her manifesto is varied and extensive, but, perhaps, with more goals than can realistically be accomplished. 


Ms McDavid uses the concept of online support packages to underpin many of her plans to enhance accessibility and inclusivity. She includes comprehensive plans to build packages, with the support of various other groups, for LGBT+, BAME, First Generation, and Disabled students. While her aim to streamline information is practical, it is somewhat unclear what types of information or resources would be available in these support packages. 

Sexual Violence and Student Support 

Plans to combat sexual violence, and support survivors are a priority in Ms McDavid’s manifesto. She identifies sexual violence as the biggest safety issue in St Andrews, and details six objectives to be implemented in the Union and in societies. Her plans are thoughtful and attuned to the work of previous DoWell’s, existing systems, and outstanding needs of the student body when it comes to safety. 


Ms McDavid outlines three clear ideas to support student wellbeing during the COVID- 19 pandemic. These plans are detailed, and collaborative with other groups, focusing on providing support to students quarantining, isolated, or in lockdown. These objectives, while well-designed do not address the concerns of a student body transitioning back into ‘normal’ life in the vaccinated world we hope to find ourselves in come the next academic year which will likely be different than now. 

These analyses do not reflect the opinion of The Saint, but rather those of the author(s). We encourage all readers to look at the full manifestos for each candidate before voting. All information was accurate at the time of writing.