Manifesto Analysis: Léa Weimann, Association President

Ms Weimann presents a passionate manifesto which balances building on previous initiatives and establishing further policies for the student body. Regarding a post-COVID climate, Ms Weimann’s vision is clear: we are not returning to a time before the pandemic but moving forward. Perhaps, one of her most intriguing policies is the development of a Postgraduate Sabbatical position.


Ms Weimann states that she aims to build on the work of her predecessors in order to provide affordable accommodation and a clear accommodation guide for students. Notably, she does not provide a specific approach regarding how she intends to implement this.

However, Ms Weimann places greater emphasis and clarity on her environmental approach to accommodation issues, stating that she aims to discuss “issues such as lack of insulation, sustainable heating, and difficulties of recycling in private accommodation” with letting agents and Fife Council. Furthermore, Ms Weimann proposes to “[raise] the profile of the StAndReuse scheme” by ensuring that second-hand items are exchanged, and the “throw-away culture” is minimised. Ms Weimann’s commitment to this aspect of accommodation is refreshing and points to a new focus on accommodation priorities.  


It is clear from Ms Weimann’s policies on inclusivity that she is well-informed about current  initiatives and bodies of the St Andrews community. She aims to change the Students’ Association Council meetings into a forum for students to raise key issues, as well as “asking student newspaper representatives to join” these meetings, pointing to her commitment to enact institutional change and accountability. Perhaps her most exciting policy: Ms Weimann’s long-term goal to create the position of a Postgraduate Sabbatical officer – a policy which highlights her commitment to ensuring that all voices are heard and represented. 

Student Life

The student experience of current first years who have faced challenges due to the coronavirus pandemic is of paramount importance to Ms Weimann. She plans to increase in-person opportunities for them in order to make friends throughout the upcoming year. Ms Weimann also plans to support EU students “in the transition away from free education in Scotland” by developing scholarships and support systems. 


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