Manifesto Analysis: Dylan Clunie, Athletic Union President

Mx Clunie presents a manifesto focusing on effective utilisation of their great experience to help sport get back on track after the pandemic.

Access and Participation

Membership restructuring is a popular topic this year, and Mx Clunie seems well placed to achieve this goal, having worked as AU treasurer this past year. They seem well aware of the size of the task at hand, and the importance of it being a success. Mx Clunie’s focus on disability access is also noteworthy, and I was impressed by their dedication to improving an area that obviously requires some reworking. Now more than ever Saint Sport needs more people to be participating, and focus such as this will be a great help. While additional intramural and recreational sport competitions are commendable ideas, I remain unconvinced of their effectiveness, and I’m equally unsure how many clubs will get involved.

Performance and Wellbeing

Despite the other strengths of Mx Clunie’s manifesto, I would’ve liked to see more consideration given to the performance side of Saints Sport. Nonetheless, their focus on improving St Andrews’ community links with taster sessions and local club assistance is a novel idea that could bring great benefits to both Saints Sport and the local community, and I would love to hear more about their plans in this area.

Communication and Transparency

Mx Clunie also has a focus on improving AU communication. Their personal experience of the Saint Leaders programme gives added credence to their focus on this, alongside their desire to see further use of the existing committee forums system.

While I would’ve perhaps liked to have seen some more ambitious policies in this manifesto, one must commend Mx Clunie for presenting what is clearly a well thought out and achievable set of goals, and they’ve not fallen into the trap of over-promising and thus, inevitable under-delivering.


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