Manifesto Analysis: Charles Barker, Director of Events and Services

Mr Barker has written an optimistic yet practical manifesto for the role of DoES. Though there is no mention of past experience in a leadership role, Mr Barker seems to know where the student experience can be improved vis a vis the Union, and his manifesto largely concerns its revitalisation once coronavirus restrictions are lifted. Most suggestions seem simple, but the fact that they have not yet been realised may suggest Mr Barker will find them more difficult to implement than he envisions.


Much space is given up in Mr Barker’s manifesto to planning an extension of themed weeknights in the Union. A ‘Society Monday’ and ‘Live Music Saturday’ sound like genuinely promising ideas to boost footfall. Mr Barker also has ideas to improve the Friday BOP, but acknowledges that it is not a ‘one stop solution’, and instead declares that the remit lies within student collaboration on the matter. Daytime events involving small businesses around St Andrews, similar to the Vintage Fair, may also be a good way to garner town and gown relations, but it remains to be seen whether this will be popular.


Mr Barker is unambiguous in his assessment of Union Events – clarity is key. He suggests that an overhaul of the archaic, in his opinion, room booking system and increased clarity over deadlines should go some way to achieve this. Mr Barker’s most radical idea, however, is to create a new sub-committee under Ents, which, he claims, will democratise Ents, and result in greater student input and ‘bigger and better events’. Other strong ideas involve improving the sexual assault reporting scheme, and a raft of training for students.

Incorporating Student Feedback

Mr Barker’s manifesto is keen to stress the importance of incorporating student feedback. Student DJs are a particular concern of Mr Barker, as is the postgraduate experience and replacing the Barron Theatre. All of these will in some way involve student feedback.


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