Manifesto Analysis: Anna-Ruth Cockerham, Director of Wellbeing

Ms Cockerham has produced a comprehensive manifesto which intends to enhance the student experience through tackling issues of harassment, discrimination and inequality. Her past experience as the Disability Officer on the SRC will no doubt aid her in effectively implementing her goals.  Whilst some policies could benefit from further explanation with regards to practical implementation, the passionate vision provided in this manifesto shows that Ms Cockerham has thoughtfully considered how to tackle a wide range of wellbeing issues.


An emphasis is placed on accessibility and equality throughout Ms Cockerham’s manifesto. The proposal to run campaigns focused on equality and inclusion in St Andrews appears promising. Yet, the idea of a campaign to “tackle hate crime and exclusion” is an ambitious goal and there is little explanation of how this campaign will be effectively implemented. 

Sexual Violence and Student Support 

Ms Cockerham recognises the long-standing problem of sexual violence within St Andrews. She provides a myriad of potential solutions – these include collaborating with Student Services to clarify the reporting process, improving safety on nights out by introducing a quiet room in the Union and providing training to society committees to help them deal with instances of harassment within their society. These proposals constitute simple, but productive steps towards enhancing understanding of sexual violence within the community and implementing change. 


Ideas for tackling wellbeing issues related to COVID are well-detailed. Ms Cockerham suggests that increasing online activities and social opportunities for isolating students, as well as adapting traditions such as May Dip and Raisin for those who missed out this year, could improve student wellbeing during and post-COVID. A discussion group for students experiencing bereavement, health anxiety, or isolation is also mentioned. Yet, it is unclear how this will be coordinated and, as a result, this proposal could benefit from further development.


These analyses do not reflect the opinion of The Saint, but rather those of the author(s). We encourage all readers to look at the full manifestos for each candidate before voting. All information was accurate at the time of writing.