Principal Mapstone Issues COVID-19 Update Following New Lockdown

In an email sent to all students and staff, Professor Sally Mapstone, Vice Chancellor and Principal of the University of St Andrews, provided information regarding plans for Semester 2 in St Andrews.

Acknowledging the Scottish lockdown, the Principal said the University is reviewing its plans for the second semester, hoping to provide clearer information and direction as soon as possible.

The email commented that “We are told that we can expect new guidance specifically for universities from the Scottish Government in the next few days, and hopefully this week.”

With regards to organising plans for Semester 2, the University explained that it was being guided by six factors. Principal Mapstone noted the University’s longstanding commitment to keeping students, staff and the local community safe and recognised the need to provide clarity for students and staff as soon as possible.

Further, she discussed the University’s dedication to social responsibility and encouraging people to stay at home where possible and the necessity of providing up to date information on the pandemic.

With the possibility of the lockdown continuing beyond the 31 January, Professor Mapstone recognised the need to give special consideration to students for whom in-person classes are essential, and the necessity of supporting all students and staff during these uncertain times.

The email acknowledged the patience of students and staff. It also confirmed the Vice Chancellor is prioritizing making clear decisions about the new semester as soon as possible.

For now, the current Scottish Government Guidance remains, but students and staff were told to be aware that this may change within the next few days.