Dare to Donate Campaign raises over £3000 for the University’s Chosen Charities

The Raising and Giving week campaign held its Dare to Donate event from 19–26 October 2020 and has raised over £3000. The campaign involved an online bingo in which people completed dares once a certain amount of money had been raised. The chosen charities for this year are Choose Love — Help Refugees, the Scottish Association for Mental Health, and Fife Rape and Sexual Assault Centre.

Dares included Events Officer, Claire Pei, shaving her head. Asking for £500 as an incentive to donate, she managed to personally raise over £1300. Chris Marks Hairdressing salon offered to shave her head for free out of their salon hours for the cause.

Head of Events Shagun Dhanania also chopped 12 inches of her hair to donate to the Little Princess Trust. She surpassed her target of raising £300.

Speaking of this, Ms Dhanania said, “I am grateful for the support I have been receiving from friends and family that got me up to £370.”

She continued, “As the head of events for RAG Week, I would say that we were a bit unsure of what the event would turn into given it had to run online. But, it is really great to see so many people engage in the event, not just by taking on the dares but also through supporting others doing these dares

“I would also like to add that this was just a start. Times may be hard, but this also means charities need our support now more than ever, and we fully intend on making the actual RAG Week just as fun and hopefully raise a lot more funds!”

RAG coordinator, Sarah Johnston, commented, “I am overwhelmed by the amount of support Dare to Donate has received. I am so incredibly proud of my committee for the work they have put in, and so thankful to everyone who has joined the fundraiser for their contributions to the event.”

Ms Johnston continued, “I would encourage people to keep an eye out for other events, not just by RAG, but by all the different subcommittees of the Charities Campaign, and to get involved if they can to help those in need.”

The main RAG week is in Week Four of Semester Two. It will be a week of fundraising. If you are a club, society or individual who wants to get involved running an event email ragmail@st-andrews.ac.uk.