Glaswegian showdown

Photos by Samuel McCulloch

This was a huge win.  The Saints came out looking fresh and playing hard, getting dirty while dolling out the medicine to the Glasgow City Lions.  It was a grudge match on a muddy Saturday in Scotland; neither team held much sympathy for their opponent.  The Lions put a deflating beat-down on the Saints last season.  This was a case of revenge.  

The Saints scored first with a powerful drive from Hugo Francis (’16), but the Lions were able to get three-unanswered, putting the home team down 3-1 early in the match.  St Andrews quickly found form, regaining a tight but commanding lead they held for the next three quarters.  There were accusations of biased reefing in the game—one that left much to be desired in terms of civility.

Cameron O’Neal (’14) was Man-of-The-Match for St. Andrews, dictating the pace of play on offense while complementing Henry Eshelman (’14) in another dominant performance.  Xandy Walsh (’15) stepped from attack into net for Vice-Captain Andrew Shen (’14), anchoring a strong defensive effort that saw the inception of a new zone scheme while working with a limited roster.

After another solid performance, the Mens Lacrosse Club enters Week 5 of term having found its stride.  Wearing uniform jerseys for the first time in recent memory, the team is looking and playing more like a top-contender than ever.  As the Saints return to practice on Monday, the Universities of Glasgow and Stirling are in their sights for the coming weeks.





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