Committee applications


The Saint’s AGM will take place at ARB:003 – Arts Lecture Theatre November 7 at 7 PM.

The deadline for applying for a position is November 4 at 11:59PM. Candidates will be required to prepare a speech of up to one minute (two minutes for Editor-in-Chief) and field a minute’s worth of questions from the audience.

If a candidate is unable to be present at the AGM, they can still appear on the ballot, however, they must inform the current Editor-in-Chief and send a speech to no less than 24 hours prior to the AGM.

All current members of The Saint’s Committee are required to attend, and current section editors must reapply for their position.

A R.O.N option is present on the ballot for every position, so no candidate will be uncontested.

Click here to apply.

Deputy editors:

Applications to join The Saint committee team are now open! If you would like to join a team as a writer please email the specified team. If you would like to join the web or business team please fill in the form below.

The Saint is looking for deputy section editors for all of our sections – for people who are passionate about journalism, writing and business, who want to be more involved in The Saint team, and who want an official position at St Andrews’ independent student newspaper to put on their CV – this is how to join!

What is a deputy section editor?

Deputy section editors are the backbone of The Saint’s team, and they have several roles:

  • They work on something for every issue (be that an article, a photo assignment, an illustration, or handling an advertising deal)
  • They have a vote on our committee at our elections at the end of every semester, from the section editor write up to the editor – you get to decide who runs St Andrews’ largest student publication
  • They’re the first people section editors will contact to work on assignments and articles for The Saint’s website (an emergency going on in town? Deputy news editors look into it, a ball that needs reviewed? Deputy events editors grab their press pass and their best outfit, etc.)
  • They help distribute the paper itself – The Saint prints 2000 copies of every issue, and they need to be given out! Deputy section editors join the senior editorial team in helping to hand out copies of the paper on our release days.
  • They get involved! Nearly every member of The Saint’s senior editorial team starts off as a deputy section editor, it’s the quickest way to get involved!


What sections can I apply for?

The Saint has 12 sections (News, Viewpoint, Money, Features, Events, Arts & Culture, Sports, Photography, Illustration, Video, Business, Web and Copy editing) – we’re looking for new team members for all of them!

More information about the individual positions can be found below the application form.

Apply here!

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The News section reports on everything important that affects St Andrews’ students. Focusing on the most relevant news to students that other publications won’t be reporting on, we look at developments in the accommodation problems in St Andrews, new announcements about how the University is dealing with issues like Brexit or tuition fees, and even the smaller news, such as the uproar last year over the Union no longer selling Tennent’s.

The News section also conducts major investigations, for instance earlier this year we did an in depth look at harassment within the hospitality industry in St Andrews, and covers major student events, such as student or rectorial elections.

If you want to be the next big reporter exposing the truth and holding people to account – this is the section to join!



Our Viewpoint section gives a platform for debate between the huge diversity of views that make up St Andrews. Feel the University isn’t doing enough for poorer students? Or that Brexit isn’t actually that bad? Or even that Aikman’s is just definitely better than BrewCo? Then we want your opinion!

If you like writing passionately about a subject you believe in, and can form an engaging, well-reasoned argument – then join up!



The Saint’s money section looks at everything related to the world of finance, business and careers that matters to the students of St Andrews. The Money team publishes articles looking at business in St Andrews, how to save money in town, or how best to secure an internship for the following summer. If you have a mind for economics and finance, and think there are stories that aren’t being explored, we want you to sign up!



The Features team takes a more in-depth look at things at St Andrews. Going into more detail, the Features section conducts major interviews with important university figures such as the Principal, or looks at the latest major charity project a St Andrews student is working on – if you really like getting to the bottom of a story and doing real, in-depth journalism, then our features section is for you.



St Andrews has a sprawling and influential events culture, every month of the calendar contains yet another major ball or social event. There are entire sub-committees within committees to organise annual balls. The Saint’s Events team makes sure you’re kept informed of everything going on that relates to the St Andrews’ social calendar, from previewing and reviewing all the major balls and fashion shows, to exploring the culture of events in this town more in general – our events section keeps students in the know, so sign up!


Arts & Culture

For every person who loves to get involved in the arts, there are nearly as many who love to write about it as well. Our Arts & Culture sections explores everything cultural that is of interest of St Andrews students. We look at the latest production being put on by Mermaids, or the latest music events being put on in town – we’ll also look at more general subjects, such as the latest TV or book phenomena that might be of interest to St Andrews’ students.

For Arts & Culture, our deputy section editors work slightly differently. We’re looking for people with specific interests to apply for certain positions. We’ll be looking for Theatre, Music, Books, TV, Film and Fashion editors, though we will also be accepting application for deputy arts & culture editors (general) who wish to be involved in several different areas.



St Andrews has a huge amount of sports teams to get involved, and we aim to write about as many of them, their matches, and their progress as possible. From covering major sports fixtures such as the annual Rugby Varsity matches to lesser known sports in St Andrews such as the Quidditich team, the Sports section looks at everything a sports journalist could want to cover.



The Saint also needs photographers! For our photo stories, for events we cover, to help make stories more interesting, we couldn’t do what we do without the photography team. If you’re interested in getting your work published in an actual incorporated publication, independent of interference from the Union or the University – then get involved!



Sometimes the only way to depict a story is through a compelling illustration, and The Saint’s illustration team provides them week in, week out – without them, a lot of our articles would be a lot less interesting. If you’re interested in art or drawing and would like to see your work published in St Andrews’ largest publication, then get involved!



The Saint’s also has a video team, who make sure our paper is generating engaging content for the students of St Andrews across different multimedia platforms. With their help we are able for do interviews and video series that present the paper’s work in an engaging way.



The Saint operates as a private limited company. We are independent of both the Students’ Association and University and receive no financial support from them – giving us full editorial independence. To pay for the cost of printing the paper and the other associated costs of The Saint, we have a business team that handles all our advertising, marketing, budgeting and accounting – without them, our paper simply couldn’t exist. If you’re interested in getting involved in securing adverts and developing relationships with clients, managing the marketing of The Saint, ensuring we are budgeting properly and keeping our account in order – then get involved! As a company registered on Companies House, we offer real-life business experience that can boost any CV and simply can’t be matched.


The Saint’s web team works to maintain our website and promote our articles on social media. If you’re interested in web development, working on the website of an established company or are passionate about expanding The Saint on social media then sign up and get involved!


Copy editing

The Saint is a professional publication, and we like to maintain professional standards in our writing. As such, we have a copy editing team who make sure that everything The Saint publishes is correct when it comes to spelling, grammar and syntax. They also make sure articles are in line with The Saint’s style and reference guides (located here).

If you love pointing out grammatical mistakes, or just like about reading over and editing articles – then our copy editing team would love to have you.

As we mentioned before, our copy editing applications work slightly differently, so send in an application and we’ll get back to you with an application form!