Tuesday, May 26, 2020

No news is good news

Rachael Murray argues that we should stop reading the news.

New Year, New Who?

As we enter 2015, Viewpoint Editor Ellen Ridsdale reminds you that resolutions are for all year, not just New Year.

A report from Raisin

It’s the night of Raisin eve, the night when all the good little freshers go to bed early and wait for the horrific delight...

Dan Einav presents a brief “history” of Association Presidents

What follows is a Brief “History” of Association Presidents: 1415 Thomas Livingston: the Scottish monk and diplomat was St Andrews’ inaugural Association President. Running a campaign...

The Fourth Estate

In no particular order, here is a comprehensive list of everything I’ve hated this past week: 1. Flash mobs, the idea of a flash mob,...

Busses in the bubble

When your parents buy you a Stagecoach bus pass for Christmas (and, I must add, you are delighted), you know that something is awry....

Hiroshima Remembered

Alex Brunner repeats a story he heard in Hiroshima which tells us what it was like to be there.

Being a Christian in St Andrews: On discovering identity

Charis Keir talks about finding her identity and experience of finding faith in St Andrews.

Being elsewhere: why is it beneficial to do a semester abroad?

Musing on the importance of studying abroad

Getting into The Bubble – is it really as exclusive as...

Viewpoint Editor Max Waller sets out to challenge the notion that enjoying your time at St Andrews is the privilege of the "middle-class strata of students."