Friday, May 29, 2020

Response: Association President reaffirms stance on gown dispute

Paloma Paige, Students’ Association President, has responded to The Saint’s Issue 222 editorial which characterised her stance on the price of the official University gown as "insensitive".

Fife Councillor Brian Thomson defends new HMO motion

The recent decision taken by Fife Council’s North East Fife Area Committee to recommend the introduction of an HMO overprovision policy for St Andrews,...

St Andrews’ nightlife: not a totally lost cause?

Let’s face it: the nightlife is not the reason any of us decided to come to St Andrews. We may have a great collection...

Does St Andrews have a drug problem?

Kaitlin Shaw discusses student drug use within St Andrews.

The definitive guide to St Andrews pubs

“Pub?” “Sure, Which one?” During your time in St Andrews this conversation will be had hundreds, maybe even thousands of times before you leave and it’s...

The value of academic gowns

Is St Andrews' rosiest tradition still necessary?

What do you wear to a concentration camp?

The Israeli-Palestian conflict is as delicate as ever, but there’s more to the eye than just religion

Adventures in Toryland: St Andrews and Stereotypes

Despite subscribing to the feminist calling card never a Tory , this year I decided it would be acceptable, big of me even,...

Taking a Step Back from St Andrews

While relaxing in my comfortable Whitehorn bed, I sometimes indulge in some PUBG. For the unlucky few who’ve never experienced the sheer glory of...

Death by STEM? science vs the arts

Victoria Whitton shares the importance of arts alongside the world of STEM.