Monday, June 1, 2020

The economics of immigration

Jake Jose affirms that the UK government is ignoring the econom- ic reality of immigration

Peon Icon: Bobby Bear’s holiday craft fun!

I wanted to share with you this holiday craft feature from my local newspaper, The Oldham Chronicle, published during the Christmas break in the hope...

Welcome to St Andrews

Nick Cassela wants to part-ay

A North Korean Conversation

A friend of mine described her first reaction to hearing of the Boston marathon bombing as something akin to “Oh my God, the North...

Better off alone

Luisa Hill weighs the benefits and the disadvantages to joining the EU, and concludes that Turkey should stay its course

Rap game Michael Gove

James Leech ruminates on Iggy Azalea, kicking beggars, and how you are all horrible people

Why is it so hard being popular?

“Big Al!” This familiar, and now greatly unwelcome, greeting rings out for the nth time since entering the Union. The people I came here...

A year in politics: has 2016 been the craziest yet?

Elliot Barker argues the case for 2016 being the craziest year in politics yet, giving us a blow by blow account of the last 10 months of politics.

Dan Einav presents a brief “history” of Association Presidents

What follows is a Brief “History” of Association Presidents: 1415 Thomas Livingston: the Scottish monk and diplomat was St Andrews’ inaugural Association President. Running a campaign...

Are political leanings malleable or predetermined?

Isaac Leaver examines the influences which shape our political opinions.