Monday, August 3, 2020

Queer History Matters Now More Than Ever

Including the victories and struggles of queer people throughout history should be an important part of modern education, says Linus Erbach.

MIND: Stressing over a Balanced Life

Jurin K. Flores explores the stress of successfully balancing many obligations.

MIND: Undiagnosed Mental Illness – Do We Need Labels?

Kaitlin Shaw articulates why labels may be implemented in mental health, and what effect this has on those using and seeking them.

Meeting Different People at University

In this sense, fake friends are a blessing in disguise. Yes, they may hurt you, but they also shine a light on true friendship and how wonderful it can be.

Is St Andrews an elite university, or a university for the...

Thomas Quarton and Jake Jose debate

Why is it SO hard being posh?

Archie Batra humorously shares the moment he realised and accepted that he was "posh".

Militant apathy

I hate the word, ‘atheist’. I hesitate to admit that I fit its literal meaning, as I detest its connotations. Knuckleheads like Richard Dawkins...

What is the best pub in St Andrews?

St Andrews is truly blessed. Often derided for its nightlife and lack of clubs what St Andrews can boast above most other places in...

Climbing: An exercise in friendship

I am terrified of heights. I am also terrified of people I love around heights, but I’d had a strange week and so I...

It’s now the time for a People’s Vote

73 per cent of under-25s voted for Remain in the referendum. If you’re in first and second year, you probably didn’t get a vote...