Friday, July 10, 2020

A View from France: Le Zlatan

Hayden Taylor gives us an insight into the French footballing world

Saints storm to Fife success

While most of St Andrews is in the library, or recovering from a messy Friday night, the St Andrews Men’s Saturday Amateur team are...

The Scottish Football Oscars 2011-12

It might seem a bit early to push this out, but what the hell, the season is realistically finished. What an odd year it has...

Grief and mourning in football: have we gone too far?

A football game can be an unusual place for dealing with grief. But for 90 minutes, in the confines of those stadium walls, you...

Sporting culture from Santiago to St Andrews

Currently based in Chile, Mike Glover-Smith explores the nuances of Chile’s sporting culture and asks whether our Fife coastal town is really so different from the South Americans

Lambert Fairytale gives England the Edge

This was always set to be a friendly in name alone. In the hours before the match, London found itself invaded by a riparian...

Saints narrowly lose thrilling cup final

St Andrews Women's 1st football team were narrowly beaten 4-2 by Edinburgh's Telford College in a thrilling encounter in Tuesday evening's Scottish Student Sport...

New York Football Club: Will it Flourish or Flop?

Olivia Richey discusses whether Sheik Mansour will successfully flex his fanancial muscles in the US, or if this something that money simply can't buy

Wednesday Night Lights fails to live up to expectations

Wednesday Night Lights was the forefront of the AU's agenda for more interaction with sport at the University and judging by its first outing, much work still needs to be done.

Sunderland ‘Til I Die – Season Two Review

Sports fans have had to adapt to get their fix over the past three months. Rewatching the 2005 Ashes, or dabbling in viewing the...