Tuesday, May 26, 2020

O Blatter, where art thou?

Allen Farrington rants again. His subject this time? Sepp Blatter and the FIFA farce.

Best of enemies: why can’t Scotland and England play each other...

With Scotland playing England tonight, Richard Hunter considers whether these fixtures should occur with more regularity.

Tackling mental health in football

Priyam Pokhrel looks into what programs and initiatives are being put in place to help footballers cope with any issues regarding mental health.

Football Club hire new goalkeeping coach

It was confirmed yesterday that Wayne Henderson has been appointed by the University of St Andrews Football Club as the new goalkeeping coach. Henderson, recently...

These Winding Roads: Sutton United’s European Tour

“What are you up to on Saturday?” “Oh, I’m covering the Sutton United game in the Scottish Challenge Cup”. “Sutton? As in South London’s Sutton...

Disappointing Loss for Saints

The Saints ones 3-2 defeat to Aberdeen was by no means a reflection of the effort put in by the boys in their home...

Are England set to bring the trophy home?

What a group stage! 48 games, 122 goals. A shocking German exit, Spain and Portugal nearly bottling it, Nigerian heartbreak and a very drunk...

Adding Insult to Injury: should McManaman be banned?

Peter Thorp gives his opinion on Callum McManaman's tackle and the FA's action.

Newcastle United: Football’s Sleeping Giant

Deputy sports editor Joel McInally ponders if Newcastle United are destined for greatness once again.

Women’s football on the rise

The newly-created Women's 3rd XI enjoyed their first university football match recording a 1-0 victory over a Dundee development squad. This is symbolic of...