Saturday, July 4, 2020

Are the Premier League and SPFL Title Races Already Done and...

For years now commentators have argued that the competitiveness and (relative) parity of the Premier League is what has set it aside from its...

From the editor

The scribbles of the sports editor

NASL closes ground on MLS as football in the USA booms

Three weeks ago, the United States’ Major League soccer kicked off its 19th season. The league has grown significantly since  its  inception  in 1996,...

Why I hate La Liga

When discussing the best leagues in the world it usually boils down to two different leagues: the Premier League and La Liga. Of course...

Champions League, Quarter-finals review

Football’s most exciting competition resumed a couple of weeks ago and the exhilarating entertainment it has already provided in the group stages and round...

Can Scotland regain its football influence?

Staff Writer Andrew Morris examines Scottish football’s decline and possible ways out of the abyss

The Premier League’s Unofficial Midseason Awards

It may only seem like just yesterday that the thrillingly intense, nerve-jangling, pain-inducing breackneck-paced rollercoaster that is a Premier League season got underway in...

50 Shades Of Gray

James Gray weighs up the significance of Celtic's historic win against Barcelona given the state of Scottish football as a whole

Groups E-H: a World Cup preview

In the second part of the World Cup preview Argentina are burdened with high expectations while Ramadan may decide group H

David Moyes and Football’s Culture of Failure

Deputy editor Andrew Sinclair assesses West Ham United's appointment of David Moyes as manager and questions the British footballing culture of failure.