Friday, July 10, 2020

The Saint’s Top 8

From fashion shows to cleaning beaches, The Saint gives you its top eight things to do

The Kate Kennedy Spring Procession returns for its 91st year

Natasha Franks previews the annual Kate Kennedy Spring Procession.

Boerie rolls and lekker jols: a preview of Springboks

Already bored of the Bubble? Escape to South Africa at the South African society's annual Balgrove Braai!

TEDx 2017 prepares for a new beginning

George Wilder previews TEDx 2017.

FS celebrates 25th year in style

Runway season is nearly upon us, heralded by the return of the illustrious St Andrews Charity Fashion Show. Celebrating its 25th anniversary this year,...

May Ball ticket sales: no more need to queue!

Many students remember long nights spent queueing in the cold and the rain, often for upwards of 10 hours, for the chance at purchasing...

Beer and Brats Spring Fest sets up for a delectable afternoon

Deadlines are brutal and we are only a month away from exams but never fear Beer and Brats is finally here!! Need a break...

Will this year’s Polo live up to last year’s hype?

The Saint gets an exclusive preview of one of St Andrews’ most anticipated events of the semester

North Haugh Ball: a wonderland of whimsy

Sarah John reviews the fourth annual North Haugh Ball.

House of Horror brings the spooky thrills

Sarah John reviews House of Horror 2016.