Friday, May 29, 2020

Label Presents: Ebb & Flow

Label’s second fashion show, this time inspired by the element of water, revolved around the concept of gender fluidity and displayed some very interesting brands playing with the idea of unisex clothing.

Don’t Walk 2017 Fashion review

The evening was a spectacular display of fashion, appealing to all the senses. In a sea of surprising stylistic monotony, Don’t Walk Charity Fashion Show 2017 was a fashionable success.

Fashion review DRA ball: the seven deadly sins

Last Friday night, hundreds of students flocked to Lower College Lawn in anticipation of a night full of gambling, ice cream, and dancing. The DRAFP Committee threw their annual ball with the theme of The Seven Deadly Sins, which is the largest hall ball of the year. In accordance to the theme many attendees came dressed in different shades of black (wrath), red (lust), and green (envy).

The evolution of power dressing

We have a lot to thank the 1980s for; rock music, the rise of Apple enterprise, Madonna’s debut but most importantly, it was the introduction of the “working woman” era. Great strides had previously been made in the crusade for women’s rights, which enabled the women of the 80s to leave behind their more "traditional" homemaker lifestyles and enter the working world.

St Andrews Fashion Festival review

St Andrews Fashion Festival, STAFF, made its debut on Saturday at the Byre Theatre. Featuring clothes from four boutiques around town, STAFF gave St Andrews a sampling of what we may see walking into any of the featured stores.

RUNaWAY: changing the rules of fashion shows

We all know Label for being “an organization that runs body positive performances”, as written on their website, but more than ever their first fashion exhibition of this year made a statement about the fil rouge that connects all their projects: inclusivity.

An exciting style aesthetic CATWALK: undergrowth

CATWALK sparked style inspiration both on and off the runway, while embracing the objectives of undergrowth to present a beautiful and diverse collection.

Mermaid’s Christmas Ball: style review

Gabrielle Holliday goes through the most impressive looks at the Mermaid's Christmas Ball.

St Andrews fashion shows reveal their themes

A rundown of this year's fashion shows reveals that each have opted for far more meaningful themes, than previous years.

Stimulating, eccentric, easy-going: a look at the fashion of Szentek

Simona Mezzina analyses the clothing choices at Szentek.