Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Edinburgh Online Fashion Week – Day 5

So here we are: the final day of Edinburgh Online Fashion Week. It’s been a veritable whirlwind of flouncy skirts, cosy knitwear and shoes...

Miracle Material: a moving study of religion

A somewhat dark 90 minutes of genuinely thought-provoking narrative, which dealt sensitively with a range of hard-hitting, culturally relevant and emotional topics.

A Guide to Thrift Shopping in St Andrews

  With the rise of sustainable shopping and condemnation of fast fashion, it’s no surprise that thrifting in St Andrews seems to be easier than...

Into the Woods – Reviewed

Famously dark and challenging, could 'Into The Woods' be successfully adapted by Disney?

Northern Opera; the hidden gem of the classical world.

                          All too often, we are guilty of thinking of opera in terms of crumbling members of the House of Lords, shuffling into Covent Garden...

Haddow Fest 2012

This Sunday (Oct 28) sees the return of Haddow Fest to the streets of Edinburgh. Taking place over the whole day, in a number...

The Saint at Freshers’ Week: Student Wit

On Saturday night, in a jam-packed Venue 2, three student groups provided the crowd with an evening of original comedy.

And Then There Were None: A review

This was, quite simply, the best student production I’ve seen. On the 2nd of this month, having heard of the immense preparation and artistic vision...

The Man Booker prize: bastion of brilliance or soured accolade?

Lewis Wood discusses the controversies surrounding the Man Booker prize.

Into Reflexivity: Star Trek: Into Darkness – Review

Star Trek: Into Darkness Dir. J.J. Abrams 7/10 I'm going to put it out there: J.J. Abrams doesn't get Star Trek. Despite its constant sly winks and...