Monday, August 10, 2020

On the Rocks Needs You!

The 2015-16 committee is seeking further applications for this year's festival

Mörder, Mystery and On the Rocks

A quick conversation with Jen Grace, writer and director

The Practice Room: a play about music without music

‘The Practice Room’ is the foundation for a good play that requires that one, all-important note to make it work.

Review: Strictly Come Dancing ’15

The talent boasted by the dancers of the society was extremely impressive.

Cowshed Showcase: A Review

An inclusive and informal evening

Art Gallery Safari: A Review of ArtSoc: Collective

Elizabeth Perry shares her experience of Art Society's Collective.

‘Do I Dare?’ Reviewed

Jo Boon was moved and surprised by this On The Rocks performance, a challenging blend of poetry and physical theatre.

Three ways to to push the Barbour boundaries

With the help of our model Erika Naegli, this Barbour is given a youthful update with three unexpected pairings you may want to try.

On the Rocks: something smells fishy

The Saint caught up with Lauren Hossack, whose documentary screened recently during On the Rocks

On the Rocks: Cabaret review

Just So's production didn't shy away from the darker side of the classic musical