Monday, July 13, 2020

The most unforgivable snub of this year’s Academy Awards

40 years ago, the original Rocky nabbed three Oscars, including Best Picture. So why didn’t its best sequel to date, Creed, make tonight's lineup?

Silent film pianist Neil Brand comes to the DCA

Mado Gianni reviews Neil Brand's performance in St Andrews.

End of the Fest 2

Lewis Camley's time at the EIFF ends with three of the major British films showcased at the festival. While not without their flaws, these...

Off the page and onto the screen

Matt Wakeling reviews the much anticipated film adaptation of Jack Kerouac's On The Road

The Critics: Submarine, Howl

Submarine DCA: 25-31 March Richard Ayoade’s Submarine, originally released in 2010, combines refreshing dialogue, a brilliant cast and wonderful cinematography – not surprising, then, that...

A review of Carphanaum, Nadine Labeki’s eye opening documentary

Carphanaüm is the story of a boy named Zain who attempts to sue his parents for giving him life. It rests on a very...

Scotland on the big screen

These fifteen films based or set in Scotland allow you to experience the entire country from anywhere in the world. And a couple were even filmed in our very own St. Andrews.

The award season nominees you have to watch

They might not have reached a mainstream audience, but these underrated award season nominees were nominated for a reason.

Fame and its follies in ‘A Star is Born’

This is the fourth remake of A Star is Born, telling the story of an unsuccessful female artist being helped to fame by a...

The Critics: Melancholia

Dir. Lars Von Trier There was a bit of a fracas surrounding the release of Lars Von Trier’s latest film. Notorious for possessing a dark...