Saturday, May 30, 2020

October reads: Books to get you in the mood for Halloween

October. Leaves start falling from the trees, the warm jumpers start making an appearance, and my bloodstream is ninety percent Pumpkin Spice Latte. ‘Tis...

An interview with Alexander ‘Sandy’ McCall Smith: The professor who brought...

Alexander ‘Sandy’ McCall Smith has led a deeply unusual life. A renowned expert on medical law and bioethics, in which field he was a...

A window into Cypriot literature

If you fancy a new read, how about trying Cypriot literature?

I Am Malala review

Seeking inspiration for the New Year? I Am Malala is a good place to start.

Better late than never: the 600th anniversary book

It has taken two years and £5,000, but St Andrews: Through Students’ Eyes has become a reality

Chomsky & Ploychroniou, “Optimism over Despair”

The influence of Noam Chomsky's thought over the past half century on the scope and focus of public debate, as a leading intellectual and...

In Conversation with Dr Emma Jones

The School of English's Dr Emma Jones, a poet and currently-writing novelist, sat down to chat about writing.

Stoner: Possibly the greatest novel you’ve never heard of

Dan Einav examines the curious case of John Williams’ rediscovered classic, Stoner

In conversation with Linda Spalding

The Saint sits down to talk with Linda Spalding, the award-winning Canadian novelist and editor, about her approach to writing, what she's learnt, and how aspiring writers might best set about the business.

An interview with Ursula K. Le Guin

Hailed in 2016 as “America’s greatest living science fiction writer” by The New York Times no less, and officially declared a “living legend” by...