Saturday, May 30, 2020

Who Will Represent You?

The polls are open for the 2020 Students’ Association elections: have your say.

Manifesto Analysis: Gavin Sandford, Director of Development and Activities

Director of Student Development and Activities (DoSDA) candidate Mr Sandford has produced a detailed manifesto, outlining his vision for supporting student societies, development, and...

Election Fever

Ultimately, I would urge students to remember that Sabbatical Officers are paid to improve your university experience, and so I think that it is only right, proper, and fair that all candidates are appropriately scrutinised.

Manifesto Analysis: Tom Groves, Director of events and Services

Mr Groves’s “DoESfesto” suggests 142 ways in which he would improve the Students’ Association, were he to be elected as Director of Events and...

Manifesto Analysis: Thomas Rowell, Association President

It is clear from Mr Rowell’s pronunciamento that the world of (Tom)orrow could be a radically different place. Seeing the lighter side of the Students Association Election (and seeing himself in the many volumes produced on Churchill) the document is a vast canvas for change. However, the change suggested is rather authoritarian in sort. Claiming experience from the immaterial ELAGA 2019, Mr Rowell believes he is a winner.

Manifesto Analysis: Mika Schmeling, Director of Events and Services

Ms Schmeling is the current Director of Events of Services (DoES), and is standing for re-election this year. She is the only current Sabbatical...

Manifesto Analysis: Amy Gallacher, Director of Education

Ms Gallacher presents a detailed and structured manifesto which successfully gives a step-by-step guide into how she will achieve her proposed goals. She has...

Manifesto Analysis: Sarah Julia Greenberg, Director of Student Development and Activities

Ms Greenberg has written a detailed manifesto covering issues from room booking to sustainability. Her experience on several society and events’ committees makes her...

InFocus: Meet Your School Sustainability Reps

The Saint sat down with three students who are spearheading a new pilot project which aims to incorporate sustainability into every academic school within the University. The students plan to do this by creating sustainability representatives. These reps will be the student voice of sustainability at an academic level in St Andrews.

Manifesto Analysis: Charlotte Peters, Director of Education

Ms Peters offers a passionate but brief manifesto that harnesses progressive initiatives for the university and for a wider global reach. She places environmentalism...