Monday, June 1, 2020

Online Teaching Will Allow Students to Be Assessed from Home

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, the University has assured students that they will provide teaching and credit assessment online should students be unable to return...

Coronavirus Case Confirmed in St Andrews

Principal Sally Mapstone has confirmed that a student in St Andrews has tested positive for coronavirus Covid-19. 

University Releases Covid-19 guidelines

The information, sent via email to all students of the University, comes ahead of Spring Break and outlines the steps the University plan to take, having considered "expert medical advice and in close consultation with the Scottish Government". You can contact the Coronavirus Helpdesk in the Advice and Support Centre, North Street,, tel: 01334 464146.

Transphobic stickers appear in Students’ Association Building

TW. It has recently come to light that transphobic stickers have been put up throughout St Andrews and inside the Students' Association building. Pink stickers, which...

BREAKING: Dan Marshall Elected Association President:

Dan Marshall has been elected as Association President in the Students’ Association Elections 2020.  Moments ago, it was announced that Mr Marshall defeated his three...

Students Suspended from Elections Committee after Presidential Debate

Members of the Students’ Association 2020 Elections Committee have been suspended from their positions after complaints were received regarding their conduct at Tuesday’s presidential...

Manifesto Analysis: Sophie Tyler, Athletic Union President

Sophie Tyler’s manifesto in her campaign to become the new AU President is one which, on the whole, envisages a positive future for sports clubs in St Andrews. She has stated clearly what she believes is the best way to move forward, many of which seem like exciting and, more importantly, achievable ideas.

Association President Continues Campaign Against Council’s HMO Fee Increase

Mr Rodney also said Fife Council is “going to consult with locals and students about the impact of the policy, and then reassess it in October.” The next policy and coordination committee meeting is set for 5 November 2020. Mr Rodney said it is unknown to what extent HMO fees could be reduced by until the Council has determined how many rooms to check, “but hopefully updates will be forthcoming.”

2020 Election Committee

One might assume that all of the events, administrative tasks and regulation involved in running the elections magically pulls itself together, but in actual fact there is a 21-strong committee team putting in the hours to ensure we can successfully and fairly elect our student representatives in the most efficient and fair way possible.