Thursday, August 13, 2020

Exclusive: Dr Chris Lusk on reforming University Halls of Residence

Dr Lusk has asked students for their input on the review discussed below. Students are encouraged to reach out to Dr Lusk at

Students’ Association partners with Marks Out of Tenancy

The St Andrews Students’ Association has partnered with Marks Out of Tenancy in an effort to create a platform for students to share their...

What we can learn from ELAGA’s cancellation

“I respect anyone who is willing to break the St Andrews event culture”. Those were the words of The Saint’s former Events editor George...

InFocus: Josephine Roos, Co-Founder of the Roos&Shine Network

Many St Andrews students, particularly those studying International Relations, have dreamt about one day working for the United Nations. One former International Relations student,...

University launches new five-year strategic plan for 2018-2023

The University Court has approved the new University Strategy for St Andrews, as Principal Sally Mapstone confirmed via email on 31 October. The strategy covers...

Jewish charity ball goes ahead despite threats from Palestine activists

A St Andrews AEPI Jewish fraternity and Jewish Society charity ball was forced to change location after Golf Hotel staff received threats from protesters

Fife Council passes new policy aiming to increase town aesthetic

A new measure has been approved for St Andrews that expects businesses in the town centre to remove waste bins or containers from the...

Fife Councillor initiates study into pedestrianising Market Street

Fife Councillor Brian Thomson recently announced his initiation of a study regarding the practicality of pedestrianising part of Market Street. The scheme, which is already...

Bob Lambert resigns as University lecturer over spying controversy

Dr Lambert steps down in the wake of growing calls for him to be sacked over the controversy surrounding his involvement in undercover police operations in the 1980's.

Kenly wind farm to finally be built

University appeal upheld by Scottish government