Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Highlights of Kyoto

Last year, I wrote an article on The Saint sharing my trip to Tokyo in December 2017. After two days in the cosmopolitan hub, I decided...

Overseas Series: Grace Kennedy

In September 2018, while most of St Andrews were enjoying Starfields, I was settling into a country that I was to be studying in,...

Overseas Series: Maya Moritz

When you go to Canada, you expect to watch hockey, eat beaver tails, and see Niagara Falls. Maybe you do that, or maybe you...

Say ‘Yes!’ to safe, affordable and convenient travel

Yes!Cab, the latest innovation to be introduced to the St Andrews’ community, is an exciting new initiative, begun by two of the university’s very...

Uncovering Passport Privilege

With Brexit negotiations dominating current news, Deputy Features Editor Alice Bessonova takes a look at the 'value' of certain passports and the ease with with people of some nationalities can travel the world today.

36 hours in Sofia

The most common response I received upon telling friends and family I was planning a trip to Bulgaria was the same, sudden bewildered look,...

A night at The BOP won me a trip to London

As a seasoned competition loser, I had little hope that, out of 300 people who participated in a Facebook competition post to win a...

Overseas series: Alex Hardie

Alex Hardie writes about her experience teaching English in the sunny town of La Herradura in Spain

Travel-Hub Tips Part 2: Southern Italy

Caitlin Russell continues her European Travel-Hub series, sharing the benefits of a Naples base when looking to explore the wonders of the Amalfi Coast on a budget.

January Travel-Hub Top Tips for Students

Planning to kickstart 2019 exploring Europe? Travel blogger and fourth year student Caitlin Russell offers her top tips for using the Travel-Hub method.