Friday, July 10, 2020

New fossil discovery turns the evolution of jaws on its head

It would seem strange for us to try and find common ground with a tuna sandwich, but a recent fossil finding suggests that our...

Branding’s new frontier: Sound?

The consumer is increasingly devious, and we are all in a permanent battle to avoid direct marketing and advertising; we skip through ads in...

Black Swans: Statisticians Who Share

Cate Hanlon hears from the student behind clever new way to optimise group study and learn from our peers.

Previously unpublished Darwin letters go on display

An extensive and revealing collection of letters written by Charles Darwin has now been made available to the public by Cambridge University. Much of...

From student to business owner

An interview with founder and 2015 graduate Patrick Hansen

The Northern Lights in St Andrews

How to catch a glimpse of the aurora borealis from St Andrews, and the science behind the magic and mystery of northern night skies.

An interview with the co-founder of – the world’s first...

Editor-in-chief Olivia Gavoyannis talks to the developers of about the software, and its implications for the future of research and development.

St Andrews in 50

Ever wonder what half a century would do to our precious bubble? Alice Bessonova offers her predictions for St Andrews in fifty years: the good and the bad!

Food for thought: controversial scientist opens St Andrews Literary Festival

Professor Richard Dawkins, controversial author and evolutionary biologist known for his books The Selfish Gene and The God Delusion, visited St Andrews on 16...

AI in University Research

The future is AI? Deputy Features Editor Siobhan Ali discusses the implications of AI in university reasearch and how it can help students and professors alike.