Friday, July 10, 2020

In conversation with Dr Jasmine Gani

Dr Jasmine Gani joined the School of International Relations (IR) at St Andrews in September 2014. Her current work focuses on IR in the Middle East (particularly Syria) and the impact of colonial legacies on regional politics, society and ideas.

CO1002: We’ll Cry For You, Argentina

In this article, Deputy Features Editor Cate Hanlon delves into Argentina's troubled past through the lens our her CO1002 module's study of Argentina writer Antigona Furiosa.

Elections 2011: Who will you vote for?

The Scottish elections may be upon us, but for the past few weeks, campaigning seems to have barely made a dent amongst the St...

Mandela’s future

In the past weeks, South Africans and international viewers around the world have watched anxiously as news of Nelson Mandela’s hospitalization rang out. Conspiracy,...

Scotland In Union

Julia Bennett sat down with the founding members of the very first student branch of national organisation Scotland In Union, to touch-base on all things politics, and its presence in our daily lives.

The Pill: Free Love?

When oral contraceptives, or as they are more commonly known ’The Pill’, hit the market in 1960, women became more empowered than ever before....

Out in St Andrews

The hate mail recently sent to the University’s LGBT society, described as “shocking” and “impossible to not take personally ”, has given rise to...

Conquering the world

In 1982, around 3 per cent of the University’s student body was international. The number now sits closer to 30 per cent. Editor Jonathan Bucks reports on how St Andrews became a melting pot and leading international recruiter

White Knights, Dark Threats – Why peace isn’t always peaceful

Dr Gerard De Groot, a Professor of Modern History at the University of St Andrews and the author of The Bomb: A Life, has...

No Alternative Facts: Science in the Era of Fake News

In this article, Deputy Features Editor Tas Vamos explores how our perception of science, objective facts, and universal truths has changed as a result of the constant barrage of fake news.