Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Museum Without A Home: An Exhibition of Hospitality

In September, St Andrews Oxfam Society kicked off the academic year by hosting ‘Museum Without a Home’, a pop-up exhibition showcasing real objects donated...

A traditional folk-us

Over the weekend of 22-24 February, the St Andrews Folk and Traditional Music Society hosted their second annual folk music festival. Being the third...

Seeking ‘SolidariTee’ in the fight for refugee rights

Last semester, The Saint’s Siobhan Ali explored the work of Refugee Action St Andrews (RASA) in their campaign for equal opportunities in accessing university...

Loveless Actually?

Angus Neale takes a closer look at a Christmas film favourite, Love Actually, reassessing the ways in which it portrays its title emotion.

Knowledge for Sale

Deputy Features Editor Alice Bessonova explores the ethical and moral implications of using 'essay mills' and external companies to write university dissertations

UStAAAN launches its second chapter

Never heard of The University of St Andrews Angel Network? Kenalyn Ang finds out more about the organisation and what they are hoping to do for the St Andrews community.

Fantastic traditions and where to find them

Have the conventions of St Andrews left you spellbound? Graham Reid's guide is here to help.

The rise and rise of the Careers Centre’s Work Shadowing Programme

From Salzburg to Seattle, Cairo to Cumbria, University of St Andrews students from across the globe are taking part in the Career Centre’s Work Shadowing Programme.

Top Teachers of 2016

  There are many things that make the St Andrews experience a fulfilling one- the age-old traditions, the cosmopolitan community and the beautiful surroundings to...

90 years of Kate Kennedy: this weekend’s procession celebrates a rich...

  Although officially founded in 1926, the Kate Kennedy Club traces its origins to a time when our university was no more than a fledgling...