Wednesday, July 15, 2020

600th Finale Ball

Rachel Gillespie thought that the 600th ball was a resounding success! But what did you think?

Nobel Ball

Ariana Brighenti takes on the first of the three balls of the weekend

A cappella Christmas concert

Aca-scuse me! Yes, the frost is creeping in and festive coffee cups have appeared, but it’s not Christmas till the a cappella groups sing! The Saint sat down with aca-royalty, Mark Gregory.

DW Launch Party

'Tis nearly the season (well semester) of all the fashion shows, so Fiona McNeil went to Dont Walk's launch party to see what they have lined up for us this year....

A night at the symphony

The Saint was at Younger Hall for this special performance hosted by the University of St Andrews Music Society

St Andrews Film Festival

Paul White tells us a little about the St Andrews Film Festival

Welly Ball after-party

Carrie Magee booted up to give Welly Ball a shot. But was it all it was hyped up to be?

International Festival

The first things you notice about the International Festival, held in Agnes Blackadder Hall’s common room, were the smells. From empanadas to brigadeiros, from...

Around the World in 80 Minutes

Devini Pabari reviews an eclectic night of international music

A Little Party Never killed Nobody

Last Thursday night, the Vic played host to ‘A Little Party Never killed Nobody’. This Gatsby-themed party aimed to channel the spirit of the...