Friday, June 5, 2020

My best night of first semester: a fresher’s perspective

What makes for an amazing night out in St. Andrews? Is it the uniqueness of the event? The popularity of it? Is it the...

Feast Mode: Stuffed Like Thanksgiving Turkeys

Attending university was one of the most exciting times in my life, but in some ways it was also one of the hardest. It’s very...

The end of black tie and the rise of the anti-ball

St Andrews' nightlife has long been synonymous with black-tie events. Not anymore.

Students deserve an authorised platform for ticket resales

Last November, as ticket sales launched for the annual Mermaids Christmas Ball at Kinkell Byre, St Andrews student Harriet Watts Williamson launched a petition...

Refresh Refreshers: A Fourth Year Plea

See, call me nostalgic but I really like the idea of refreshers, particularly at the Union. The reintroduction to various societies and sports teams,...

Location, location, location

Elischke de Villiers weighs the pros and cons of event venues in St Andrews.

Club Comparison: finding a good night in The Bubble

With The Vic newly refurbished and The Rule seething with Student nights Sarah John quests for the best night in The Bubble.

Bursting the Bubble: Kinky Boots

Being at home in London for Christmas is the perfect time to catch up on culture: be a tourist in your own city, pub...

Winter Lights: Let there be light!

If you ask me when Christmas should start, I will always say as soon as Halloween is over. St Andrews seemed to share this...

Were FS refunds justified?

Natasha Franks critiques the refunders.