Thursday, August 6, 2020

Misty weather means CROSSWALK misses the mark

Samantha Marcus reviews DONT WALK's first event of the year, CROSSWALK...

Christmas Ball

So you've seen the verdict on Nobel Ball and 600th Ball, but now The Saint takes on Christmas Ball!

DONT WALK? Don’t go…

... at least not to the after party

A sort-of insider perspective on Fringe Festival

Incoming first year Connor Wallace shares his behind-the-scenes experiences at the Fringe Festival.

DONT WALK shows off its progress

George Wilder reviews the invitation-only launch of the DONT WALK Charity Fashion Show, held this year at Forgans.

Les Deux Alpes reviewed

It occurs to me that working at a French service station in the Alps must give one a very low opinion of the English. Having...

Rule Student Nights: the VIC’s future rival?

Piers Mosselmans provides his perspective on the newly renovated Rule and whether it can live up to its competitors on the St Andrews scene.

Starfields 2015: highs and lows

Could this year's Starfields ever really live up to its hype?

Fine Food Fayre

Last week's Fine Food Fayre, organized by RAG Week and the Fine Food and Dining Society, was a huge hit among students and townsfolk...


This was going to be the highlight of my weekend, it really was. I wanted so badly to enjoy this ball, but it was...