Friday, May 29, 2020

Refreshers’: successful without Venue 1

The Union reminded us all what if felt like to be a Fresher with their hit lineup of Refreshers' 2015. See how the Union fared the second time around in the Candlemas semester

Les Deux Alpes reviewed

It occurs to me that working at a French service station in the Alps must give one a very low opinion of the English. Having...

Rule Student Nights: the VIC’s future rival?

Piers Mosselmans provides his perspective on the newly renovated Rule and whether it can live up to its competitors on the St Andrews scene.

Scandinavian Soc’s Afterski chills and thrills

The institution of après-ski is familiar to both novice and impassioned skiers alike. Found at any self-respecting ski resort from France to Canada, the...

The DONT WALK experiment is a success

George Wilder reviews DONT WALK 2017.

On The Rocks’ Overground: Late April Fools Gone Wrong?

Oh dear, things really aren’t looking great for Music is Love/On the Rocks collaborations so far. After their somewhat failed crossover event on Tuesday...

DRA Ball: Arabian Nights

The first thing that one noticed upon entrance to DRA’s Arabian Nights ball was a sumptuously decorated tent. The organisers had really tried with...

DW 2015: an outstanding event

After a semesters worth of hype and a brand overhaul and redesign, DONT WALK put on a show of epic proportions at Kinkell Byre. Alison Hutchinson reviews...

Under Canvas

I have two confessions to make: I've never been to a festival, and I don’t "get" music. I'm awful with artists and lyrics and genres, so this makes...

The Vic wishes us a sweet Summer Sixteen

Natasha Franks reviews Summer Sixteen, one of our final Vic nights of the school year.