Saturday, August 15, 2020

Welly Ball: Is Bigger Always Better?

‘So it’s a ball?’   ‘Yes’   ‘Another one?’   ‘Yes’   ‘But with Wellies?’   ‘Yes’   With this I had reduced yet another of my home friends to dazed confusion over the events culture...

Was Welly Ball worth the price?

Natasha Franks reviews Welly Ball, held this past Saturday at Kinkell Byre.

Sinners review: a worrying culture

The Saint reveals the troubling truth behind Sinners

Croquet Give it a Go – a hit through the hoop...

A cold but sunny Friday afternoon. The Cabbage Patch park on Hope Street. A group of slightly cold but very tweed covered students huddled...

The year in review

Natasha Franks reflects on the high points and low points of the 2015/2016 school year.

May Ball: fashion edition

In a town distinguished by its multiple fashion shows, it was no surprise that this year’s Kate Kennedy Charity May Ball featured an incredible...

Stunning professionalism at the Ensemble Exposé

Last Wednesday an amazing opportunity fell into my lap. The opportunity? A completely new event, unlike anything that has happened so far this term....

Opening Ball 2014: The Review

Is there anything those KK boys can't do?

ELAGA 2018: A Lesson for St Andrews

Life is full of disappointments, something that I know all too well. From a young age I was led to believe that Bombay Sapphire,...

Club 601: “the Union has done the impossible”

Jean Summers reviews the Union's new club, "601".