Monday, August 3, 2020

Post-elections interview: Ondrej Hajda, DoRep-elect

How did you find campaigning against Ali? First I’m really glad Ali ran because, let’s face it, if there’s somebody you can compete against you...

Post-elections interview: Fay Morrice, DoSDA-elect

How did you find running uncontested? I actually found it really stressful, RON became this huge monster, and I was quite worried: but I was...

Pat Mathewson triumphs in Students’ Association elections

Narrow victory sees Pat Mathewson beat David Patterson by 50 votes

Patterson in pole position for presidency

David Patterson is on course to become Association president when the results are announced this evening, according to The Saint’s final exit poll. The...

Non-sabbatical races round-up

While up until now most of the student media coverage of the elections has focused on the sabbatical candidates, races for the slightly smaller...

Students’ Association elections 2014: sabbatical debate liveblog

The Saint's liveblog and live video stream of the sabbatical debate for the 2014 Students' Association elections

Association president race too close to call

The race for Association president is too close to call, according to the second poll conducted by The Saint for the 2014 YourUnion election...

Campaign videos: Elections 2014

The latest selection of campaign videos from across this year's elections