Saturday, May 30, 2020
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Manifesto Analysis: Sophie Tyler, Athletic Union President

Sophie Tyler’s manifesto in her campaign to become the new AU President is one which, on the whole, envisages a positive future for sports clubs in St Andrews. She has stated clearly what she believes is the best way to move forward, many of which seem like exciting and, more importantly, achievable ideas.

Association President Continues Campaign Against Council’s HMO Fee Increase

Mr Rodney also said Fife Council is “going to consult with locals and students about the impact of the policy, and then reassess it in October.” The next policy and coordination committee meeting is set for 5 November 2020. Mr Rodney said it is unknown to what extent HMO fees could be reduced by until the Council has determined how many rooms to check, “but hopefully updates will be forthcoming.”

2020 Election Committee

One might assume that all of the events, administrative tasks and regulation involved in running the elections magically pulls itself together, but in actual fact there is a 21-strong committee team putting in the hours to ensure we can successfully and fairly elect our student representatives in the most efficient and fair way possible. 

Who Will Represent You?

The polls are open for the 2020 Students’ Association elections: have your say.

Election Fever

Ultimately, I would urge students to remember that Sabbatical Officers are paid to improve your university experience, and so I think that it is only right, proper, and fair that all candidates are appropriately scrutinised.

Manifesto Analysis: Thomas Rowell, Association President

It is clear from Mr Rowell’s pronunciamento that the world of (Tom)orrow could be a radically different place. Seeing the lighter side of the Students Association Election (and seeing himself in the many volumes produced on Churchill) the document is a vast canvas for change. However, the change suggested is rather authoritarian in sort. Claiming experience from the immaterial ELAGA 2019, Mr Rowell believes he is a winner.

InFocus: Meet Your School Sustainability Reps

The Saint sat down with three students who are spearheading a new pilot project which aims to incorporate sustainability into every academic school within the University. The students plan to do this by creating sustainability representatives. These reps will be the student voice of sustainability at an academic level in St Andrews.

Manifesto Analysis: Thomas Overend, Association President

From Mr Overend’s manifesto, it is abundantly clear who the Union belongs to: you. His strapline captures a push for a greater sense of democracy, something that must be managed in order to stay efficient. Significantly, Mr Overend is taking a divisive stance on the UCU strikes: “enough is enough”. This complex national issue is difficult to negotiate, with Universities UK having a significant responsibility.

Nothing Is Impossible, and Nothing Is Inevitable

At the end of our 40-minute interview in which we discussed the Global Presidential Primary, the tactics of voter registration, and her plans after graduation, President of Democrats Overseas Camilla Duke concluded with a quote from her ‘beloved’ representative Jamie Raskin. He states that nothing is impossible, and nothing is inevitable. This came after he was originally predicted to lose...

University Sees Increase in Successful State-Educated Applicants

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St Andrews has accepted more students from state schools this year than they have for the past four years. However, St Andrews still remains the top university in Scotland to accept the most privately educated students, albeit joint first with the University of Edinburgh, and in the top five in the UK.