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Meilan is a third year studying English through the Joint Degree Programme with the College of William and Mary. Prior to becoming editor, she served as deputy editor and money editor. Outside of The Saint, Meilan has served as chief staff writer of William and Mary’s student newspaper, The Flat Hat, and a summer intern at Kiplinger’s Personal Finance magazine in Washington, D.C. Meilan hopes to pursue journalism as a career, and her dream job is working for National Geographic.

The Saint’s best of 2016

The best of our 2016 reporting, from President Trump to kayaking and crepes at the Vic.

The costs of studying abroad

Studying abroad is now more affordable than ever. Meilan Solly provides the tips to finance the year abroad of your dreams.

Students and credit cards: a risky combination?

Credit Risk
Are credit cards so innocent? They may hold more risks than students often care to admit.

How to land the internship of your dreams

Business office
From networking to formatting a CV, tuning your cover letter and acing the job interview; how to land the perfect internship for you.

How to make the most of your internship: lessons from a summer in America’s capital

I spent the summer after first year researching state tax laws, attending meetings about mutual fund investment strategies, and interviewing individuals as varied as the president of a body parts modeling company and the CEO of a marijuana jobs listing website. After working in student journalism for the past five years, I had landed my first professional internship at Kiplinger’s...

How to save your summer: tips for finding last-minute work experience

As summer arrives, the question on everyone’s mind is where these three months of sunny bliss (unless you’re staying in Scotland over break) will take them. Perhaps you’ve secured an internship at a financial firm in London or have been offered a job at the local book store. Or, if you fall on the other end of the spectrum,...

Tales from Tunisia: working abroad post-graduation

With such a diverse mix of students, it is no surprise that many St Andreans choose to work abroad after graduation. According to a Careers Centre survey of 1,638 members of the class of 2014, 67.9 per cent of respondents currently work in the U.K., while 13 per cent work in other areas of the European Union and 19.1...

Emma Halford-Forbes ’05: Black Watch Museum manager on radioactive paint and antique firearms

When Emma Halford-Forbes arrived at the University of St Andrews, she decided to study Scottish history “on a bit of a whim.” Despite the fact that Ms Halford-Forbes had never taken a history course before, she had always been interested in the subject. “At the age of 17, the concept of doing a degree that was actually going to be...

Saving with student discounts: the best deals on shopping, food, attractions and travel in and outside of the Bubble

Living in St Andrews, one becomes well-acquainted with a certain feeling: terror. It shows up when you’ve just paid the deposit on your ridiculously overpriced at, bought a dress for the next ball, or even purchased groceries. You live in fear of checking your bank balance because you know it will be about £20, and you’re constantly searching for...

Alex Budman on Jimmy Fallon, “unprofitable” degrees and storytelling: a career in journalism and documentaries

As a first year at St Andrews, 2012 graduate Alex Budman wrote an essay on the importance of sharing in hunter gatherer communities. She received a score of six, along with her tutor’s rather disparaging feedback scribbled in the margins: “I want to kill myself.” Two years later, Ms Budman earned a 19 on her final essay with the film...