Friday, June 5, 2020
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Oscars Oratory

 It seemed that, thankfully, not many stars chose to follow this instruction this awards season. Joaquin Phoenix’s moving speech at the Oscars last Sunday underlined how actors and filmmakers have the power to use their “voice for the voiceless,” pointedly explained the exploitation of cows in the dairy industry and invoked humanity’s creativity to find solutions for the damage...

Life and Music in Communist Czechoslovakia

Communism, still the form of government in a few remaining countries, ended in Czechoslovakia in 1989. However, the repercussions are prevalent today in both the Czech Republic and Slovakia as they continue to rebuild themselves after years in isolation from the rest of the world. My mother grew up in Czechoslovakia and lived through the communist regime. I conducted...

Oedipus Rex: A Review

Like every other English Literature student in St Andrews, I had to read Oedipus Rex for the first week of a module advertised as an introduction to drama. The implication was that theatre started here: Oedipus Rex was the original great play. To write and direct your own version of Oedipus Rex is not a task for the fainthearted....

Oedipus Rex: A Preview

Oedipus Rex, home to the original mummy's boy and influence to Sigmund Freud, is the notorious Greek tragedy by Sophocles. It follows the ill-fated Oedipus, destined to murder his father and marry his mother. An ambitious adaptation of the classic is coming to The Byre on the 11th and 12th of February. I spoke to director Gabriele Uboldi to...

New in town: Spoiled Life

  SPONSORED BY SPOILED LIFE The Spoiled salon is a well-established mainstay of St Andrews’ town centre. However, the Spoiled brand is expanding with a new venture and location. Spoiled Life, is a new lifestyle concept store and coffee bar also located in the heart of St Andrews on Greyfriars Garden.  Welcome to a brand-new kind of shopping experience. Only a few meters...

In Pursuit of Perfection: Victoria Sponge Cake

When I was maybe five or six, a hand placed a yellow plate in front of me with a piece of cake on it. I don’t remember who the hand belonged to (an unimportant detail for a hungry toddler), all I remember is the warm, buttery smell; the cloud-like sponge and the cream and the jam oozing from its...

Stop complaining about St Andrews’ music scene

I’ve written my fair share of Union-slating articles. I am not a frequenter of the Bops, and I can’t say I’ve ever been enthralled by their theme choices. But I’m a little sick of reading post after post on university Facebook pages, complaining about the terrible state of the St Andrews music scene,

The Byre: Fault Lines

St Andrews is known for its fashion shows and the displays of creativity and talent that they bring to large audiences. This year, the Byre brings an exciting and alternative addition to the town’s calendar of fashion shows. Fault Lines will take place on Saturday, 15 February at 7:30pm with tickets costing £12/£10. Fault Lines uses the framework of the fashion show, and space of the catwalk to celebrate equality and diversity. Five women performers will explore questions of identity and what it means to belong, against a pulsing pop soundtrack. Sometimes sad, often funny, and always engaging, this is a powerful performance for current times. Fault Lines comes from the minds of Alister Lownie and Katherina Radeva who make up the collective Two Destination Language. Lownie and Radeva share interests in a variety of contemporary performance practices, blurring the boundaries between art and theatre. Two Destination Language was created in 2011 and work on pieces ranging from site-specific experiences and installations to large community projects. Their works focus on ideas of community, identity and otherness and creating international dialogues in theatrical forms. Their mission is to encompass values of accessibility and collaboration. They aim to provide additional support to make their events accessible. 50% of their performances offer BSL support, including the performance of Fault Lines at The Byre. Fault Lines is part of Edinburgh’s Manipulate Festival 2020. Manipulate is produced by Puppet Animation Scotland and is an annual celebration of innovative visual theatre and animated film, which runs from 31 January to 8 October. The five performers will bring their stories to the catwalk. Audiences will meet Damyana Radeva, whose story was told so powerfully in Two Destination Language’s debut show Near Gone. Caroline Ryan, performer and award-winning BSL interpreter, who will be speaking her own script and her own dialogue throughout, privileging BSL and deaf audience members. Also performing are, Cindy Awor, Welly O’Brien, Hannah Yahya Hassan, and Rachel Glower, who performs in the show as well as manages the stage. The performers come from a range of different backgrounds and show Two Destination Language’s dedication to diversity. The clothes range from abandoned to loved, haute couture to bargain bin. In combination with the stories being told they encourage us to embrace the beauty in our differences. Be sure to bring your headphones and download the Listen Everywhere app to get the full experience of Fault Lines. This may sound mysterious, but is all part of the interactive storytelling of the fashion show. The use of the app allows you to navigate your own path through music and the stories and voices of the five performers all of which offer different perspectives of the garments and costumes coming down the catwalk. The result is that you curate your own journey through a runway show of people like you and people you will never be, with a soundtrack selected by you. It is “Susan Sontag meets America’s Next Top Model”. The Byre is also hosting a Fashion Swap earlier in the day of 15 February at 1pm. If you’ve fallen out of love with your clothes then bring them along to this event and reinvigorate your wardrobe in a sustainable way. Dr Katie Eagleton, the Director of Museums and Collections at the University of St Andrews, will also be at the Byre Café Bar. Dr Eagleton has a passion for mending and altering clothes to breathe new life into them. This is a chance to see an informal demonstration on how fix-up your wardrobe and the opportunity to ask some questions.

Love & Limes: Food Culture & Consumption in Greta Gerwig’s ‘Little Women’

For Jo, consuming food is a major indicator of her willingness to maintain friendly relations.

Top Ten Films Of 2019

  Below are my top ten favourite films of 2019 – the films which aesthetically and emotionally stirred me over the last twelve months, which reaffirmed to me my love of the medium. I would extend honourable mentions to Olivia Wilde’s uproarious and inventive Booksmart and Scott Z. Burns’ chillingly matter-of-fact procedural The Report.     Birds Of Passage Chronicling a Colombian Wayuu...