Saturday, August 15, 2020
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Cat Power

Iona Emlyn-Williams didn’t used to like A Capella groups. Now, she’s the Alleycat’s biggest fan.

Playing for the other team…

Emily Hill reviews “Scene of the Titans”, a new musical about a gay-friendly rugby team

Perplexed by Panto

Cordula Schnuer on her first ever panto experience

Rhythm, Sweat and Techno

James Holden, Nathan Fake, Four tet and Caribou at Glasgow’s ABC. By Martha McCarey

A Portrait without the person

Dexter Dalwood is the bookies’ favourite to win the Turner Prize. Rachel Clarke profiles the artist.

Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows: Part 1

Review by Ross Hamilton

A Toast to the Douchebag

Al Bell on Kanye West’s music-video-cum-art-film, Runaway The first scene of Kanye West’s thirty four minute long music video Runaway shows the artist running desperately through a flaming forest, while a Mozart Requiem plays. One YouTube viewer comments that this is, “probably because he thinks he’s the Mozart of our time”. Its length and recent premiere in a cinema in New...

An awakening for St Andrews theatre

Emma O’Brien on Just So’s latest production of Spring Awakening at the Byre Theatre

St Andrews’ Rising Star: Vicki Robertson

E. Egan interviews one to watch for the future One of the first things that Victoria Robertson mentions is the love she has for the popular musical show Glee. Now, even in the theatre scene, it takes guts to admit that you do like the popular show Glee. In general people tend to fain a yawn and casually let you...

Music is Love presents: Dry the River and Rory Butler

Martha McCarey reports from the Beer Bar