Wednesday, August 5, 2020
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A Blessing in Disguise

It's not often that we are encouraged to blend into a crowd and conceal our identities. However, St Andrews’ Sport Society is providing students the chance to do just that at the Here for Sport Masquerade Ball. On 1 February, in the Old Course Hotel, a parade of glittering masks will flood the Ballroom. If you struggle to locate your...

Letter to the Editor: Response to Editorial

Madam – I write in response to your editorial of the 7 November, and the associated article on page six. When The Saint adopted a rosy complexion last year, I did not expect that it would adopt other aspects of “Red-Top” tabloids. Whilst I, and I am sure the whole of the town and wider community, are appalled at...

Sponsored: The Old Course Hotel, St Andrews, Opens New Ballroom

The Ideal Venue for a Coastal Scottish Wedding

Preview: The Prohibition Dinner

Following the success of their Maiden Event, The Gin Society has a lot to live up to in their next event, the Prohibition Dinner, happening this Thursday at Lower and Upper College Hall. This time, however, the gins are to accompany a three-course dinner. I caught up with Toby and Jonah ahead of the event to find out what...

Climate Action St Andrews

As young people, we are told to work and study hard for our future, but with Climate Change progressing the question arises: what does that future look like? According to the International Panel on Climate Change, we have 11 years left to tackle Climate Change. 11 years that will decide the fate of our planet. 11 years that will...

Letter to the Editor: a society is not an events committee

Geraint Morgan is treasurer of the Celtic Society. The opinions expressed in this letter are his own, and not representative of the views of the society. Dear Sir, I am an executive committee member for a well-established student society in St Andrews and would like to respond to Ms Flores' article in the 7th of March edition. Ms Flores' main...

University Biomedical Science (BMS) building erupts in flames

A fire has broken out at Purdie chemistry building. Police have set up perimeter and diversion stopping traffic getting out of and into St Andrews along the main road.