Monday, April 6, 2020

Editorial Team 2019-2020


Archie Batr -

Archie is a fourth-year History student from a small village in Cheshire, although he claims to be from Manchester whenever he thinks he can get away with it. He started writing for the Viewpoint section at the end of his first year, and slowly (but surely) learned the subtle art of writing opinionated, provocative articles that consistently anger the student community. When he’s not working on his Piers Morgan impression, Archie can often be found reading increasingly niche Byzantine history, and delaying thinking about his post-university life for as long as possible.

Deputy Editors

Angus Neale -

Angus is a second-year English student from Buckinghamshire. With a penchant for a good bit of storytelling, he has written features for a year, penning long reads on such pressing issues as Bees and Tidying up. When he’s not writing articles, he’ll be struggling to work through his bedside reading pile before waking up a few hours later for rowing. Angus is excited to uncover aspects of the university that few are aware of.

Olivia Hendren -

Olivia is a fourth year Social Anthropology student from Florida. She joined the Saint in her second year as the paper’s first Food editor and has now taken on the sole responsibility of Arts and Culture editor. Olivia can always be spotted in a scarf or hat, daydreaming of the tropical weather that she left behind. When not working for The Saint, Olivia can be found cooking for her friends, watching true crime documentaries, illustrating for the paper, and avoiding the Scottish weather at all costs.

Web Editor

Sam Stanford -

Sam is a third-year Computer Science Student born and raised in Yorkshire. His role as web editor include managing social media, this website and everything else internet related. Away from his computer, you might find Sam getting involved in music, cooking a hearty meal or going for a run on the beach.

Business Manager

Lauren Ross -

Lauren is a fourth-year Cell Biology student from Motherwell. She joined The Saint at the beginning of her third year of university and quickly realised that she enjoyed business more than science. As the Business Manager, she has the responsibility of funding the paper and creating lucrative partnerships with the local businesses of St Andrews. When she isn’t working for The Saint, Lauren can be found in a lab or in one of St Andrews’ many pubs with friends.

News Editor

Tamara McWilliam -

Tamara is a third-year English & Art History student from Inverness. She joined The Saint in second-year as deputy news editor, before becoming editor of the section at the end of the April. She now runs the news section, which she hopes to keep trustworthy and reliable while informing students on what they deserve to know. When not digging for news stories, Tamara can be found walking on East Sands, buying house plants and watching Netflix cooking shows.

Viewpoint Editor

Joe Waters -

Joe is a second-year International Relations, Philosophy and Classical Studies student hailing from Wakefield in West Yorkshire. Having spent (and loved) a good few months writing for Viewpoint, Joe decided to take things one step further and oversee the section. He is a trainee volunteer Police Officer, so when he isn’t learning to lock up the crims, you can find him avoiding the work he’s supposed to be doing, or otherwise despairing at the bland state of British Politics.

Events Editor

Stella Gage -

Stella is a third-year Social Anthropology student from Los Angeles. She joined the Saint in her first year because she loves writing articles and sharing her thoughts with her fellow classmates. When Stella is not going to or writing about events, she can be found playing polo, painting, or playing her guitar.

Photography Chief

Samantha Chinomona -

Samantha is a third-year Computer Science student from Chicago who has enjoyed taking photos for The Saint in her previous role as deputy photography chief and hopes to continue the high quality of the photography section and the photos throughout The Saint. When she’s not designing websites or graphics, you can usually find her travelling, camera or iPhone in hand, doing some insane acrobatics (i.e. hanging off staircases, waterfalls, and cliffs) in the pursuit of the perfect shot, and occasionally working on her degree.

Video Editor

Wendy Brooking -

Wendy is a fourth year Film Studies and Geography joint honours student. As Video Editor, she enjoys the team’s capacity to span the different sections of the newspaper, from filming local marches and society events to recording interviews with sabbatical candidates in the run-up to elections. When not behind the camera, Wendy can be found out on long walks, competing with friends at board games and probably eating too much pasta.

Senior Copy Editors

Tom Morley -

Tom is a second-year student studying International Relations. As a senior copy editor, he is responsible for ensuring that the writing in The Saint meets journalistic norms. When he isn’t copy-editing, Tom enjoys drinking coffee, talking about politics, and writing short blurbs about himself.

Hilary Chan -

Hilary is a second-year Psychology and Philosophy student from Hong Kong. English is her second language so she knows what nominatives and datives are. When she’s not copyediting for The Saint, you don’t know what she’s doing because she doesn’t put that on her bio.