Editorial Team 2019-2020


Angus Neale - editor@thesaint.scot

Angus has been a member of The Saint for two years where he has served as Features Editor and Deputy Editor. His articles convey a shift from bright eyed fresher to hardened cynic. In early 2020 he became Editor-in-Chief at, in his eyes, 'the worst possible moment.' Angus is an English Literature student and spends his life reading and running himself into the ground.

Deputy Editors

Tamara McWilliam - print@thesaint.scot

Tamara is a fourth-year English & Art History student from Inverness. She now works with Linden as Deputy Editor and hopes to keep the paper trustworthy and reliable while informing students on what they deserve to know. When not busy in The Saint office, Tamara can be found walking on East Sands, buying house plants and watching Netflix cooking shows.

Linden Grigg - print@thesaint.scot

Linden is a third-year from the north Welsh border, studying English. He spent the previous year writing for, and then editing, the Features Section, but with Tamara now enjoys having a greater say in how The Saint is run. He feels that exposing students to areas of university life they were hitherto unaware of makes for the best stories. When not working on paper-related business, Linden can be found reading, writing, taking pictures, or loudly "debating" current affairs.

News Editor

Natalie Pereira - news@thesaint.scot

Natalie is a third-year International Relations and Arabic student from Perthshire. She has been writing for News since her first-year and has been a deputy news editor since second-year, but is now enjoying taking on more responsibility with the position of News Editor. When not working on the next breaking story, she can be found taking photographs, reading, and walking on the beach.

Viewpoint Editor

Laura Beveridge - viewpoint@thesaint.scot

Laura is a third-year International Relations student, who has been writing for Viewpoint since her first-year. She found that the section provided the perfect outlet for her opinions and granted her friends an overdue break from having to listen to them. When not working with Viewpoint and its amazing contributors, Laura can be found with friends, reading, or trying to little avail to learn a second language.

Events Editor

Hollie Herman - events@thesaint.scot

Hollie is a fourth-year English Literature student from Jersey channel Island with a passion for journalism and elaborate events. She joined The Saint in her third year as a Deputy Events Editor, before becoming Editor of the section. When she isn’t perfecting essays or reading 800 page Victorian novels, Hollie spends her time doing yoga, drinking coffee with her friends and exploring the beaches, either in St Andrews or with her family in Mallorca.

Photography Chief

Samantha Chinomona - photography@thesaint.scot

Samantha is a third-year Computer Science student from Chicago who has enjoyed taking photos for The Saint in her previous role as deputy photography chief and hopes to continue the high quality of the photography section and the photos throughout The Saint. When she’s not designing websites or graphics, you can usually find her travelling, camera or iPhone in hand, doing some insane acrobatics (i.e. hanging off staircases, waterfalls, and cliffs) in the pursuit of the perfect shot, and occasionally working on her degree.

Illustrations Editors

Maya Marie - illustration@thesaint.scot

Maya is a third-year English student from East Sussex. She has been an illustrator since her first year, and enjoys telling the stories of St Andrews life visually. As well as creating art for The Saint, Maya spends her time doing commissioned work, reading, and feeding all her friends.

Rachel Cripps - illustration@thesaint.scot

Rachel is a fourth-year philosophy student from Victoria, British Columbia. She joined The Saint in first year as illustration deputy, and has contributed illustrations since then. When not illustrating, she can be found reading, writing, and baking for friends and family.

Features Editor

Olivia Bybel - features@thesaint.scot

Olivia is a third-year English student from California. She joined The Saint in her second year and enjoys shining a light on the interesting parts of every day life. When she is not writing or reading in some capacity, Olivia spends her time baking, singing, and dominating in trivial pursuit.

Sports Editor

Adam Robertson - sports@thesaint.scot

Adam is a fourth-year English literature student. He spent the first semester of his third-year writing for the Sports section and then became its editor in the second semester of that year. Adam is a Liverpool fan and hopes that in a few short weeks this blurb will seem irrelevant as his team will finally have lifted the Premier League title.

Money Editor

Sanjana Ramaswamy - money@thesaint.scot

Sanjana is a third-year Financial Economics student from New York. In her position as Money Editor, she plans to combine her interests in journalism and economics to bring relevant business and financial stories to the student community. Over the past two years, Sanjana has introduced a new feature, “St Andrews Economists,” a series focusing on the research interests of the economics faculty. Sanjana is passionate about Bharatanatyam (a classical Indian form), reading, and travelling.

Arts & Culture Editor

Milo FH - arts@thesaint.scot

Milo is a postgraduate student in Film Studies, from Inverness. He has been with Arts & Culture since his third year, and as editor intends to ensure the section is committed to high-quality, in-depth pieces covering a variety of art forms. When not writing for the Saint, he can be found bemoaning the absence of colour in contemporary mainstream cinema, catching up on (typically weighty, often Russian) books he’s frankly embarrassed not to have read before, and attempting to work on his degree.