Editorial Team 2020-2021


Natalie Pereira - editor@thesaint.scot

Natalie is a fourth-year International Relations and Arabic student and has been a member of The Saint for the past four years, having previously served as a Deputy News Editor and News Editor. She is now enjoying leading the publication in the position of Editor-in-Chief and working alongside brilliant writers. When not working on the next breaking story, she can be found taking photographs, reading, and walking on the beach.

Laura Beveridge - editor@thesaint.scot

Laura is a third-year International Relations student. Before becoming Editor-In-Chief, she served a year as Viewpoint Editor - a position she found provided the perfect outlet for her opinions and granted her friends an overdue break from having to listen to them. In her new role, she most enjoys working with The Saint’s talented team of editors and contributors and ensuring that the publication continues to live up to its mission statement to be the independent voice of the St Andrews community. Outside of The Saint, Laura can be found reading, with friends, or trying to little avail to learn a second language.

Deputy Editors

Linden Grigg - print@thesaint.scot

Linden is a third-year from the north Welsh border, studying English. He spent the previous year writing for, and then editing, the Features Section, but with Tamara now enjoys having a greater say in how The Saint is run. He feels that exposing students to areas of university life they were hitherto unaware of makes for the best stories. When not working on paper-related business, Linden can be found reading, writing, taking pictures, or loudly "debating" current affairs.

Olivia Bybel - print@thesaint.scot

Olivia is a third-year English student from California. She joined The Saint in her second year and enjoys shining a light on the interesting parts of every day life. When she is not writing or reading in some capacity, Olivia spends her time baking, singing, and dominating in trivial pursuit.

News Editor

Izzy Loubser - news@thesaint.scot

Izzy is a second-year History and French student from Brighton. She has been a deputy news editor for The Saint since first-year and has enjoyed keeping students up-to-date with St Andrews' breaking stories. Now, she is excited to contribute more to the paper as News Editor. When not researching the next news story, Izzy can be found walking on West Sands, cooking or grabbing a coffee.

Viewpoint Editor

Sophia Brousset - viewpoint@thesaint.scot

Sophia Brousset is a second-year International Relations and Social Anthropology student originally from Peru but currently living in New York. She began as Deputy Viewpoint Editor in her first year and is excited to now be serving as Viewpoint Editor. When she is not writing for The Saint, Sophia enjoys reading feminist theory, analysing the lyrics to Taylor Swift songs, or attempting to write essays while listening to the Little Women (2019) soundtrack.

Photography Chief

Emily Silk - photography@thesaint.scot

Emily is a fourth year Art History student who enjoys annoying her friends from constantly taking photos of them. She has been part of The Saint photography team since she started St Andrews and has loved photographing all the great St Andrews events throughout her time here. When not with her camera or writing about art history, she can be found playing piano somewhere or in Luvians wine shop.

Illustrations Editors

Edward Emery - illustration@thesaint.scot

Edward is an International Relations student from San Francisco, California. He joined The Saint in his first year as a contributing illustrator and has provided illustrations for nearly every issue of the paper since then. When he's not drawing for an assignment, Edward can be found rowing, reading history, and painting.

Features Editor

Ally Addison - features@thesaint.scot

Ally is a second-year Modern History and Russian student from Inverness. Since becoming Deputy Features Editor in his first-year, he has enjoyed the scope for the imagination offered by the Features section, which he seeks to build on in his new position. He spends most of his life trying to get his head around Russian grammar, whilst frequently distracted by his guitar.

Sports Editor

Samuel Mitchinson - sports@thesaint.scot

Sam is a fourth year History student from Cambridge, who began writing for the Sports section last year. A passionate football and cricket fan, he spends the vast majority of his time worrying about the future of test cricket, the stability of England's top order, and the inability of Newcastle United to play good footy. When not writing about these various problems, Sam enjoys reading American Literature, arguing about Fantasy Premier League stats, and taking long baths.

Money Editor

Sanjana Ramaswamy - money@thesaint.scot

Sanjana is a third-year Financial Economics student from New York. In her position as Money Editor, she plans to combine her interests in journalism and economics to bring relevant business and financial stories to the student community. Over the past two years, Sanjana has introduced a new feature, “St Andrews Economists,” a series focusing on the research interests of the economics faculty. Sanjana is passionate about Bharatanatyam (a classical Indian form), reading, and travelling.

Arts & Culture Editor

Milo FH - arts@thesaint.scot

Milo is an MLitt student in Film Studies, having chosen to remain at St Andrews after completing his undergraduate degree. Hailing from Inverness, he has been with Arts & Culture section since his third year, and has an ongoing passion for writing about all art forms - but especially film - in both academic and journalistic contexts.

Senior Copy Editor

Hilary Chan -

Hilary Chan studies Psychology and Philosophy. She has been the senior copy-editor of The Saint since 2019. During her term, she had overseen the rewriting of the style guide used by this publication, organised workshops and facilitated internal projects for the development and interest of copy-editors.