Online Issue 4: Thursday 19 November

Read the fourth online issue of The Saint. In light of the recent work from home orders and increasing COVID cases, for the short term, we will be collating our typical print releases in an online optimised form.


Future Spaces for People Initiatives to be Discussed with Communities

The council received £2.4 million in support of temporary action, meant to protect the health of pedestrians and cyclists during the COVID-19 pandemic. Barriers were erected to effectively widen the pavements and give pedestrians more room to walk past each other at a safe distance. After criticism from local businesses, the barriers were taken down and and Fife communities will now be consulted in further actions to promote social distancing measures.

Fife Farmers’ Market Relocated to Argyle Street Car Park

Over 20 stallholders were set up for the first reopening of St Andrews Fife Farmers’ Market since its closure due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Social distancing measures have meant that the market has been temporarily relocated to Argyle Street Car Park.

The University of St Andrews to open a New Hall of Residence

A new student accommodation will be built on North Haugh site by The University of St Andrews. This will be the fifteenth hall of residence in the town and will house approximately 150 more students. The budget for this new accommodation plan is approximately £100 million.

University and Students’ Association Launch Report + Support Initiative

Photo: Photo © Jim Bain (cc-by-sa/2.0)

The Report + Support initiative was launched on Friday 6 November by the University and the Students’ Association. This new web-based platform aims to help Students at the University of St Andrews stand up to bullying, sexual harassment and discrimination. It does not replace current reporting channels but provides an additional route for reporting. 

Legionella Bacteria Detected in Water System of St Salvator’s Hall and Gannochy

In a routine check, the University has detected legionella bacteria in parts of the water system of St Salvator’s Hall and Gannochy. Student residents were notified and asked to not use the water and to vacate the residences for 8 hours on Sunday and Monday so that the bacteria could be flushed out of the system. The work in Gannochy has now been completed.



Social Life is Different; But That isn’t Always a Bad Thing

Illustration: Edward Emery

“As much as I look forward to the next time I can scream along to Mr Brightside on the packed floor of the 601, I have also learned to love many aspects of a socially restricted life”. Sophia Brousset discusses social life at university amidst the pandemic and shares the silver linings that she has discovered.


Devil’s Advocate: Is it too Early to Play Christmas Music?

Sophia Brousset and Laura Beveridge debate the contentious issue of whether or not one should be playing Christmas music in November.

We Must Not Stay Quiet About Poland’s Abortion Laws

“With all your efforts and hard work, Polish women will never walk alone”. Ariadne Marek, Cultural Representative for the Polish Society at the University of St Andrews, discusses the recent change to Poland’s abortion laws and what we can do to stand in solidarity with those it effects.


The Quixotic Case for Round Luggage

By Kate Lau

“In the immortal words of the venerable Robert Frost: take the road less travelled by – it might make all the difference”. Deputy Viewpoint Editor, Kate Lau, makes her case for why we must sometimes indulge ourselves in frivilous aestheticism over practical concerns.


Can Boris “Save Christmas”: The Effects of Lockdown on Religion

In light of what has been dubbed “the lockdown to save Christmas”, Deputy Viewpoint Editor, Rebecca Holmes, reflects on the impact of the pandemic on religion.


The Case Against Political Affiliation

“Abandon these labels in political debate and we can see genuine discussion taking place”. Deputy Viewpoint Editor, Cara Shephard, discusses why she believes we should ditch party political affiliation at university.  


The Price of International Immunity

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

“Your health should not be a financial consideration, it should be something you are entitled to”. In light of the recent developments in the race for a COVID-19 vaccine, Jessica Burt, discusses the potential hidden costs of international immunity.



St Andrews Alumni (Who Aren’t Wills and Kate)

By Alexandra Lehrell

Features Deputy Editor, Alexandra Baff, looks at some of the University’s most famous and important alumni over the years. She looks at a range of alumni, including some who have gone on to make discoveries in mathematics and physics, and others who volunteered to nurse wounded soldiers during World War One. All of these past students have had an impact on the world and some are still impacting it today despite having studied at the University centuries ago.


The Tree: Local, Sustainable Groceries in St Andrews

By Vera Rapp

Features Deputy Editor, Heather Jeffrey, takes a look at The Tree and speaks with St Andrews’ Transition. Shares how people in St Andrews can utilize The Tree to be more sustainable.

One Hopes For Esperanto

Deputy Features Editor, Ally Addison, highlights the imbalances caused by English as the main language of academia by examining a scenario in which Esperanto had become a universal language.


Do Animals Have Personality Types?

Illustration: Edward Emery

Features Deputy Editor, Anna Dorling, looks at the science behind animal personalities. She explores different schools of thought on different species, including dogs, orangutans, zebrafish, crabs, spiders and wolves.


Thanksgiving: What the Americans are Gobbling About

By Edward Emery

Features Editor, Olivia Bybel, explores the history behind Thanksgiving Day, and what it has become. She recounts some of her own experiences, and gives ideas on how to celebrate this year.



The Great Trump Movies That Weren’t

The Trump presidency was often as outlandish as any Hollywood fiction – so why haven’t the movies responded in kind? Arts & Culture Editor Milo Farragher-Hanks ponders why the cinematic response to the 45th President was so tepid.


Audible Art: Podcasts For Art History Lovers

The Last Judgement (1541) by Michelangelo
Image: Wikimedia Commons

Interested in the arts but always on the go? Arts & Culture Deputy Editor Mairi Alice Dun has some recommendations for the best art history podcasts.


Book Review: John Sellars’ Lessons In Stoicism

Could we all learn something from the Stoic philosophers of Ancient Rome? Deputy Copy Editor Christian Wilkinson explores their wisdom in a review of a recent book by John Sellars.

The Arts: The More Accessible The Better

Every aspect of our lives has been reshaped by the pandemic, and the arts are no exception. Arts & Culture Deputy Editor Eva Ferguson explores just what those changes might entail.

Life On The Outside: The Mind & Music Of Daniel Johnston

Image: IMP Awards

The old cliche about genius and madness going hand in hand was truer for American singer-songwriter Daniel Johnston than for most. Arts & Culture Deputy Editor Marcus Judd reflects on the remarkable legacy of this singular artist.

The Question of Gender In The Horror Genre

The horror genre’s treatment of female directors and characters has long been a fraught topic. Arts & Culture Deputy Editor Paola Córdova Zelinski reflects on the problematic tropes that have long dominated the genre, and the female filmmakers pushing against them.


What Happened to Manchester United?

Image Credit – We All Follow United – Andre Zahn

Staff writer Set Brooks discusses the decline of Manchester United ever since the departure of legendary manager Sir Alex Ferguson.


Is Winning Everything?

Sport Editor Adam Robertson and Deputy Sport Editor Sam Mitchinson give their views on whether or not winning is always everything when it comes to sport.


Tennis Club Interview

Image: University of St Andrews Tennis Club

Deputy Sport Editor Charlotte Cohen concludes our series interviewing different sports clubs to understand the impact of Covid-19. This week, she spoke with Tennis captain Megan Pollick.


ATP Finals 2020: Concluding Tournament Should Provide Excitement

Deputy Sport Editor Rose Annable discusses this week’s ATP Finals which will conclude this year’s men’s tennis tour and gives the lowdown on who she expects to triumph.