Online Issue 2: Thursday 8 October

Read the second online issue of The Saint. In light of the recent work from home orders and increasing COVID cases, for the short term, we will be collating our typical print releases in an online optimised form.


Eden Mill Store Opened on Market Street
Illustration: Jennifer Burns

On Tuesday 22 September 2020, award winning distillers and brewers, Eden Mill, officially opened one of their five holiday pop-up stores on Market Street in St Andrews, located in what used to be the Old Burns Sweet Shop. Their state-of-the-art distillery will be located within the University of St Andrews’ Eden Campus.

Plan to Expand St Andrews Approved by Councillors
Illustration: Edward Emery

The expansion plan will involve the building of around 900 new homes, a business park and shops over several years.

Why is the sun so hot? University of St Andrews and NASA Team up to Solve the Mystery
Illustration: Molly Chung

A mystery that has puzzled astronomers and physicists for years is why the outermost part of the Sun’s atmosphere, also known as the solar corona, is hundreds of times hotter than the star’s surface. The University of St Andrews, along with an international team of scientists from NASA and the University of Northumbria, are leading ground-breaking research about the sun’s high temperature. 

BID Open Letter to Fife Council Criticises Removal of Street Parking in Town Centre
Photo: Wikimedia Commons

An open letter from St Andrews Town Centre Business Improvement District (BID) to Fife Council has criticised the decision to remove on street parking in town. This comes as sustainable transport charity Sustrana awarded Fife Council £2.42 million to enforce temporary measures to make the town safe for pedestrians and cyclists during the coronavirus pandemic.


A Fresher’s Perspective on Campus and Coronavirus
Illustration: Vera Rapp

First year student, Cara Shepherd, comes to terms with her thoughts on the mandatory return of the majority of students to campus. She believes it was inevitable that students would incur the blame for a rise in cases of COVID-19.

St Andrews, Anonymously: Crushes, Confessions, and Catharsis
Photos: Wikimedia Commons

Viewpoint Editor, Laura Beveridge, assesses the anonymous Facebook pages used by students at the University of St Andrews to see if they reveal anything about the student culture on campus.

Devil’s Advocate: Is Online Learning a Good Substitute for In-Person Teaching?
Photo: Henry Memmott









Deputy Viewpoint Editors, Jessica Burt and Sofia Brousset, argue for and against the merits of online and remote teaching.

Not-So-General-Knowledge: University Challenge’s Inherent Bias
Illustration: Edward Emery

Deputy Viewpoint Editor, Jessica Burt, discusses her thoughts on this year’s University Challenge and how it has lead her to consider the class and gender biases present not only within the show, but in tertiary education and academia itself.

The Apparent Answers to Increasing Diversity On Campus
Illustration: Edward Emery

Deputy Viewpoint Editor, Rebecca Holmes, argues that when it comes to increasing diversity on campus, simply re-structuring the admissions process is too little, too late. Instead, she argues, we must actively widen the admissions pool itself.

The Paranoid Predicament: Habits, Caution and Coronavirus
Photo: Pixabay

Deputy Viewpoint Editor, Kate Lau, considering the 2003 SARS outbreak, evaluates what the long-term impacts of the coronavirus pandemic may look like.


Diving into In-Person Teaching

In the leading article, Editor-in-Chief Angus Neale contends that we should welcome the reintroduction of in person teaching, reflecting on the necessity for immediacy and humanity in the experience of University learning.


Genetically Modified Mosquitos Creating Buzz in Florida
Illustration: Edward Emery

Features Deputy Editor, Anna Dorling, writes about the genetically modified mosquitos being released in the Florida Keys. She explores the science behind these mosquitos, and the push back to their existence in Florida.

Poles Apart: The Story of Polish Soldiers Stationed in Fife
Illustration: Edward Emery

Features Deputy Editor, Ally Addison, gives a history of Polish Soldiers stationed in Fife during the Second World War. He accounts their experiences guarding the Fife coastline, practicing their own culture, and in some cases, staying in the Scotland after the war.

Periods and Plastic: How Do We Break the Cycle
Illustration: Edward Emery


Features Deputy Editor, Alexandra Baff, explores the amount of plastic waste and pollution produced by menstrual products. She looks at how disposable products can add up each month, and how one can avoid the waste by using sustainable, reusable products instead.

Going out at Home: A One Household BOP
Illustration: Sarah Knight

Features Deputy Editor, Heather Jeffrey, talks about her experience having a night out with her family while on lockdown. She exhibits how students can experience a BOP while staying safe in their household.








A Look at the Legacy of Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Illustration: Catriona Bruce

Features Editor, Olivia Bybel, looks back on the incredible legacy of United States Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, recounting her landmark Supreme Court cases, and inspiring words.

From Reporting to Action: The University Policy on Reporting and Responding to Allegations of Sexual Misconduct

Emma Johnston investigates the University’s reporting pathways and, using Freedom of Information data, analyses which routes have been followed and the results achieved in cases over the last six years.

Arts & Culture

Mermaids Committee Interview: Student Theatre In A Pandemic
Photo: Wikimedia

Even in a pandemic, the show must go on! Arts & Culture Editor Milo Farragher-Hanks talks to the Mermaids committee about their innovative plans to safely bring theatre to the masses in the semester ahead.

Art and Escape From 2020

In troubled times like these, we all long for escape sometimes. Eva Ferguson interviews some of her contemporaries about how art has helped them get through 2020.

Flyte Make Soothing Music For Troubled Times
Photo: Wikimedia

London-based band Flyte have been building a strong following for their melodic indie pop. Adelaide Crosby makes the case for why they ought to be your next musical obsession.

Book Review: Black People Are Cropped, William Pope L.
Photo: Wikimedia Commons

You may not have heard of William Pope L., but he’s one of the most politically and aesthetically vital living artists. Mairi Alice Dunn takes us inside a revelatory book on his ethos and artistry.

Bookshops In The Bubble
Photo: Topping

In these times especially, our local bookshops need our support – and often aren’t receiving enough of it. Marcus Judd reflects on the unique pleasures offered by such establishments.


Interview with St Andrews Football Club
Photo: University of St Andrews Football Club

Deputy Sport Editor Daniel Ross talks with the President of both the men’s and women’s football clubs in St Andrews to see how life has changed for the club on and off the pitch with all the new restrictions in place.

St Andrews Boat Club Interview
Photo: St Andrews Boat Club – Deanna Coleman

Sport Editor Adam Robertson sat down with Ailsa Martin, President of the St Andrews Boat Club to discuss the precautions the club have had to take and their hopes for the rest of the year.






The Summer We Nearly Didn’t Have: Reviewing the Cricket Season
Photo: Pixabay – Shents

Deputy Sport Editor Sam Mitchinson looks back on the summer of cricket, commenting on what the England men’s side learned from their tests after some key victories.

Coming Into the Spotlight: The State of Women’s Cricket
Photo: Pixabay – Case Originals

Deputy Sport Editor Rose Annable discusses the current state of women’s crickets, discussing its marginalisation but also how there is cause for optimism that it will make its way into mainstream sport.

Freddie Flintoff Discusses Living With Bulimia in New Documentary
Photo: Wikimedia Commons – Gareth Williams

Deputy Sport Editor Charlotte Cohen discusses a new revealing documentary in which one of England’s most famous cricketers, Freddie Flintoff, speaks openly about living with bulimia.







Online Issue 2

Illustrations issue 2 features a debut illustration from newcomer Vera Rapp, as well as a host of images from newly appointed illustration chief Edward Emery.