1. Hi, I’m a parent of a St. Andrews student and haven’t seen the Facebook post in question. Your article is a bit vague about what the verbal and physical attacks consisted of which makes it more alarming for those of us who aren’t plugged in to the student Facebook groups. Could you clarify what happened in the initial incident? By not including that information you’re making the assumption that everyone who reads your paper also is friends with your group on Facebook.

    • Hi, thank you for your comment. This editorial is in response to another article which was written for our latest issue regarding the attacks on students, titled ‘Students fear for safety following re-occurring attacks’ by Siobhan Ali. Paragraphs 3, 4 and 5 in this article outline the injuries sustained by the victims of the attack. You can also see Chris’ public Facebook post about his attack (also linked in the article) here:


  2. They are out of control . I have stayed in St Andrews all my life and never seen anything like it before . Yes kids are kids but physically attacking someone , verbal abuse and running into restaurants and stealing wine front he table they need to be stopped . I was out in town one night and there was a 14 year old girl drunk screaming up at a window at a group of students threatening them . It’s not on its not only the student that are at risk here , I don’t feel safe walking about the town . They are constantly shouting and screaming in the street . The police need to do something and go into the school aswell , do the parents know what there kids are up to ???


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