1. Never were truer words spoken! But theres really only one clear reason for the jealous rants against everything the DoS does: R.A.C.I.S.M. Thats it, folks. That. is. All.

  2. The British press are pissed bcz Meghan doesn’t play their game! But I do think it’s time that the Queen and her team of lawyers begin putting an end to said harassment! Please don’t let there be another awful death like Princess Diana’s! Enough is enough! It’s got to stop NOW! (Not to mention Harry could not stand to lose Meghan too!)

  3. Very well said! Thank you! Now if the right people read maybe something will stop .since when is it a crime to fall in love and want to be happy,or when has that become news?

  4. Well said, its time that the press stopped with all this rubbish they are piling on Meghan and Harry. When they first got together the press couldn’t say enough nice things about Meghan, now they got a little one they want some privacy with him. SHAME on the press at the end of the day rememeber what happened to Harry n William’s mum. Do not want that to happen again. Let Meghan be.

    • I’m confused, since your reaction here seems to be “It’s fine not to harass her if she’s ‘footing the bill’, but since she’s not then she should just put up with it”.

      I’m no fan of the Royal Family, but saying they’re open to abuse because “it’s part of the job” is just absurd.

  5. Perfect. She a successful, bi-racial American and that is what they hate most of all. The Duke and Dutchess of Sussex are doing everything bigger and better than the rest and they can’t stand it.

  6. It’s unfair to say Meghan is the victim of Racial abuse her.. She has had a seperate home, seperate office, seperate monogram, dint follow tradition for birth announcement or christening, but she wants the royal priviliges, this is the double standards that’s irking sections of public and media …. She can get things gradually maybe… But she is making everything happen immediately… Even a simole thing to wish the future king.. If it was well intentioned.. She could have wished happy birthday George auntie and uncle love you… Or happy birthday our little prince… Instead she was defiant as before in addressing Charlotte by title… Whereas… Every second line to address her is HRH…. Why is the world failing to see her doings… And blaming press for criticising her or making her the Black queen who is winning against racism by British… Even if it was a white, yellow or brown woman…. Anybody who isn’t humble, grateful and following the traditions of the family one married onto especially being one of the famous and powerful royal.. Am sure the royal family is tolerating all her antics only for Harry’s sake… One day the poor chap is going to break.. Save your pity For him and not this woman


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