1. While I agree that people should not travel unnecessarily and that sustainable travel is possible, there is no way to sustainably travel by air. That is the very reason why Greta Thunberg is currently sailing across the Atlantic. In my opinion, the atmosphere will not distinguish between carbon produced by someone with good intentions who appreciates the countries they are visiting and someone just going to loll around in the sun. There are emissions produced no matter what and while travelling is an incredible experience, the number of flights each individual takes must be absolutely limited until more sustainable options arise. What is being described in this article cannot be called sustainable travel, but is just ‘mindful’ travel.

    I think it’s also important to understand just how large our carbon footprints are by living in western countries. We are already using so much more than we should, while the people in many if the countries we visit have a much smaller impact. Some ecotourism (which you may or may not be doing) can be great for economies in terms of conservation, but sometimes it can just make things worse.


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