1. “Given that these asylum seekers are yet to attain refugee status, they are without doctors, the right to work and even a place to call home.”

    Not so. All asylum seekers in the UK have access to doctors.

    UK current policy allows asylum seekers to work in jobs on the shortage occupation list, where their claim has been outstanding for 12 months or more through no fault of their own. Asylum seekers have no need to work … they get their all free asylum package …. free furnished, repair free accommodation, free heating and lighting, free NHS treatment, free dentistry, free specs, free school and college education, free translation service, free legal aid, free money.

    They have a place, asylum accommodation, to call home …
    Leaflet for the attention of asylum seekers available in Glasgow City libraries …
    “Asylum Seeker Housing Project.
    Your rights …
    Right: To Welcome Pack & a Housing Officer’s contact details.
    Right: To a clean, comfortable house from start.
    Right: To good quality furniture.
    Right: To any repairs needed to your house.
    Right: To heating, lighting and hot water.
    Right: To have all appliances working properly.
    Right: To complain & have representation.
    Right: To stay away up to six days in a row.
    Asylum Seekers. FOR ALL housing repairs 24 hours a day / 7 days a week. Contact your housing provider: SERCO.”


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